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Way to integrate many webmails into one on macbook?

Asked by iquanyin (363points) June 5th, 2009

today i got a macbook! finally replacing my laptop that was stolen this winter. i have mail accounts with yahoo, gmail, zoho, hotmail, and aim. i use each differently according to its strengths (one for photos, one for links, etc). i’m obviously a big believer in the cloud. yet still…i wonder if there’s a lightweight, clean, useful app i can put on the mac that has access to all the mails? zoho is usually odd-one out. i have firefox but still must bookmark zoho separately.

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I access all of them with Mac mail. It isn’t difficult. You just need to go into each of your webmail accounts and turn pop mail on. If you wish you can set them to automatically forward mail to one account – if that seems easier for you. If you go into gmal, yahoo, hotmail etc, you can set up mail forwarding.

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thanks for answering. i realize i forgot to say i use imap for all (but again, all but zoho) so i can access mail also on iphone. in other words, i’d like to also keep imap…but gmail’s practically dysfunctional on that at this point (i think they’re more or less “moving on” to wave, really. open threads about gmail eating mail, replacing same deleteded mssgs endlessly), and i access zoho via web on phone anyway…as i write, i’m thinking i just may try it. i was told that it was “very complex” to do what you say. prob not. auto forward would be ok on mac (iphone can choke on too much mail flooding in)...again, thanks! i love fluther!

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sorry for typos, it wouldn’t let me edit!

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Like @DarkScribe said, Apple’s Mail program can hit those and bring ‘em all together. Thunderbird is another email utility that can do the same.

I haven’t personally had the problems you mention with gmail. And I use gmail to consolidate several different hosted accounts. It works great for me.

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my kid—a programmer—has had those problems too. if you’re curious, check out the threads on gmail’s help section. i also read a blogger who posted about the same thing, and it was also reported several months ago (possibly in the uk guardian register? something like that) that an english university was/is having random mail “eaten” (trashed) by gmail. it’s easily googlable. i first noticed this around february and at first thought it was my iphone being wonky. i didn’t find any mentions of it earlier than just this winter, so i’m thinking it’s fairly recent.

had i not kept having to delete old messeages i did trash—just yesterday, suddenly i had to redelete several hundred messages dating as far back as march!—i’m not sure how long it would have taken me to catch the other problem. but as i was re-deleting some stuff earlier this week, i noticed there was a message i most definitely had saved. i pulled it out, and the next day saving stuff was very careful to not accidently put something in trash by mistake. next day i checked in my trash and: two messages i know i archived were indeed in the trash. which led me to gmail help section (no reply by anyone yet to these threads and they’re not listed as “known issues.”). later when i ran it by erin (my son) he was nodding his head, and said, “yes, i know. i don’t use gmail for work.” and my son, btw, is one of those digital packrats who never deletes a mail. me? every day i clean house. both ends of the spectrum.

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