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Who likes honeydew over cantelope?

Asked by bpeoples (2551points) June 5th, 2009 from iPhone

So my wife and I are sitting in the airport eating a fruit salad. The discussion turned to honeydew vs cantelope

Does anyone who doesn’t like cantelope, like honeydew?

We could only come up with people who didn’t like either or liked cantelope over honeydew.

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I love Honeydew; not so much the cantelope. I always felt privileged because people would leave the honeydew behind in the salad so there was more for me.

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I like all melon.

Honeydew, cantaloupe, water, muskmelon, crenshaw, charentais, canary, tuscan…you name it.

Lurve me some melon.

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I definitely like honeydew more. I’ve never been a fan of canteloupe. I’ll eat it because it’s fruit and I’m sure it’s healthy, but unlike honeydew, I won’t enjoy it.

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Love all melon.
By the way, on really hot days, ice cold watermelon is unbeatable.

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Canteloupe gets all my Lurve!
My neighbor grows it and it’s always there for the pickin.

The color always makes me happy.
Now, load a watermelon full of Vodka, that wins….

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I do not like canteloupe at all. I like honeydew a lot when it is fully ripe.

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I love both but cannot eat either because they both make me break out in hives. However, I can eat watermelon with impunity.

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Honeydew is sweeter but lighter and has a smoother texture so in a way it seems classier. Canteloupe is interesting because when you eat it with salt the combiation of flavors is a treat. But for a down and dirty pigout, go for watermelon

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@galileogirl: True about the salt. A slice of cantaloupe wrapped with prosciutto is a common favorite in my wife’s hometown in Italy.

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I enjoy it all. I do prefer Honeydew over cantaloupe however.
My husband is one of those who does not like cantaloupe (most of the time) but does enjoy honeydew :)

okay cantaloupe is not spelled anything near what I originally tried to write, lol

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