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( Carradine death ) How does tying a rope around my "weed-wacker " give me sexual pleasure,am i missing something?

Asked by Mr_Callahan (806points) June 5th, 2009

It has been reported that David Carradine was discovered with string around his neck and genitals…a sex act gone bad?

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Say what you will, at least he went out doing something he loved.

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In 1997, when Michael Hutchence was found dead in his hotel room, the term autoerotic asphyxiation become known to households previously blissfully ignorant once it hit every major media conglomerate worldwide. Apparently, there is a history of observed erotic stimulation to victims of public hangings which eventually evolved into the practice and accidental deaths are fairly common.

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GA, @bonus.

Fun family fact: My grandfather’s brother died of autoerotic asphyxiation.

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Tying off circulation to the “weed whacker” is kind of like putting a “weed whacker ring” on it, keeps it up longer harder, supposedly stronger orgasm when released. so I’m told

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@MacBean Yay! I mean, I’m sorry. My condolences.

Wait, that is a paradox. If your grandfather accidentally killed himself, you never could have been born! maybe…

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@bonus: It could’ve been my grandfather, as long as my mother was born before he did it. But read closer; it was my grandfather’s brother. :)

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Thank you hhh, I had no concept of where the “extra pleasure ” cum from, whats wrong with your same ole, everyday orgasm, oops I answered my own question?

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@MacBean Read closer being the operative phrase. Whoops.

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wow, leave it to fluthr. this was all over twitter but till now, i heard it was a simple suicide. man, fluthr should be more widely known than it is :D

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