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Is human meat red or white?

Asked by eyetoeye (8points) December 27th, 2007

Just curious

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I’ve read that it is similar to pork (the other, other white meat).

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but really, isn’t all meat some form of red before its cooked? Chicken, pink. Pork, pink. Turkey, pink. The skin covering said meat may be white, but the meat is usually pink.

So a followup question might be, what is the difference between red and white meat? Ham(pork) is usually red when it comes out of the oven, isn’t it? Maybe it has to do with the amount of blood that is in the meat. Hamburger is a deeper red color, probably because of all of the blood in it before it is cooked. Turkey or Chicken, on the other hand, has less blood in the meat making it more pink.

Using the above logic, I would say that human meat is probably red meat.

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I think it depends on the muscular tissue, whether it’s red or white. I think our heart has white muscular tissue, but everything else is red.

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I would go with “red”, even though this question is very vague.

If you are talking about dark meat/white meat (like in poultry), then humans have both. The different types of meat refer to whether they are long-term (endurance) muscles or short-term, burst muscles.


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