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Are any other FlutherFolk not seeing avatars today, or is it a personal problem?

Asked by archer (761points) June 6th, 2009

Avatars not displaying.

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It’s not you, it’s Fluther.

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wow. bless this rare occasion. it’s always me.

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Yeah me too yesterday it said fluther was being fixed or something

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Am I the only one getting strange errors when you send PM’s or post comments?

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Nope, @Ivan. Things are a little off kilter just now. The lads are taking a breather after rescuing us from a software malfunction late last night. We’ll be back to normal soon. We just have to have a little patience and not make a fuss.

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It’s Fluther.

I am also having difficulty with the Answer button in that it takes two to threee tries to get the server to hear me knocking.

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Never mind. Fluther answered the door while I was knocking.

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And sometimes you knock too many times and double post.

Hint, hint…

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Fluther’s hurting today

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Careful! The result is often those annoying double posts.

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Careful! The result is often those annoying doub1e posts.

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Wait, what?

I’m confused

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Wait, wha

Im confused

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You guys are doing that on purpose huh? :)

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I am…

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I can’t see them either. It’s very disconcerting. I’m all messed up.

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@dverhey – Yeah I noticed :)

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At least we have one day that we don’t need to look at a bunch of asses. ~ :)

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@jonsblond – LOL dude ; )

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We still have the heart of Fluther, so it’s okay guys. Rest. We are fine.

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Yeah I can’t see them either

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