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X-box Gold £30 a year , WHY?

Asked by sandystrachan (4397points) June 7th, 2009

Why charge people to play and deny people the chance to play online , Why does Microsoft want to split the x-box community in two . They are the only people i know that charge to play online Nintendo , Playstation are all free .

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Servers don’t run for free and Microsoft is a business. Xbox owners can still play their xbox without subscribing to xbox live. I had an xbox and chose not to pay for their online gaming service, mostly because I didn’t feel like paying a few dollars every month to have random 13 year old curse me out when I beat them at a video game.

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Because they want $. They’d charge you for the air you breathe if they could.

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But then why do Playstation and Nintendo not charge ?
I thought M$ did charge for air and water , I know they charged me for anal rape .

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Cuz neither playstation or nintendo has as good of an online product… I know I wouldn’t pay for them…. I can barely justify paying for xbox live

That and Sony and Nintendo have a bit of a soul, whereas Microsoft hasn’t had one in at least a decade.

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Wow dramatic…
If you want to play online console games for free, buy a PS3 or a Wii.
XBox has been charging for XBox live for 7 years. This is nothing new and millions of gamers have no problem with it.
World of Warcraft charges a monthly too. Are they included in this complaint or do they get a pass?
If you object, you don’t have to play.

The best way to object to these things is to talk with your money because money is the only thing that corporations understand.

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Because people will pay for it. I think Xbox Live is so much better than the Playstation or Nintendo networks, so I’m willing to cough up a few bucks for it.

Maybe that’ll change when something that I think is better comes out, but for now I prefer Xbox Live and don’t really think £30 is all that much money.

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The concept of paying for online gaming is the biggest scam that the gaming community has ever pulled on the public. Us PC gamers have been playing for free for ever (except for MMO’s). Xbox Live is the reason I will never buy a Microsoft game console. I will take a far inferior online product if it means I don’t have to pay for it.

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and even in case of mmo, many are free to play, and instead charge for special ingame items.

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Microsoft charge for a good service. I like it a lot.

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I look at it like this: Microsoft is charging for an console version of steam, and has made it required in order to play the games online. I’ll stick with my pc, thanks.

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