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The Best Sex: Hours and hours, or over in minutes?

Asked by avalmez (1611points) June 7th, 2009

Stumbled upon this article (somewhat dated so may not be news to you) that claims certain researchers discovered that the best sex doesn’t result from hours of exertion, but minutes, 6 to 13. what do you guys think about this claim?

yes, shamelessly looking for lourve :)

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The best sex is when I’m having it.

and jonsblond is wearing those little black shorts…

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Half hour to forty-five minutes would be superb.

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As with sports, I prefer long pre-game specials.

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Nothing beats the morning quickie.

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I’m with chelseababyy. Neither. Half hour to forty-five.

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I’ve had wonderful experiences with quickies and with longer encounters… it’s about what is best suited to that particular moment between the people involved. Why do humans feel the need to compare and rank everything?

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Nothing like good sex and the smell of napalm in the morning.

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Foreplay ranges, but the act itself I’d prefer be around 30 minutes.

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The entire weekend.

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I’m with @hearkat
it really does depend – sometimes I just want a quickie bang in the hallway, really rough, you know? and then sometimes when we have a couple of hours I want it to be a multiple orgasm situation which takes longer but more fun can be had

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@Blondesjon I don’t, but, have you thought about soundproofing parts of your house, and buying your kids an Xbox or something?

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Twelve seconds seems to be just about right.

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@bob_ . . .what mom and dad are doing off by themselves, for some reason, is infinitely more fascinating to kids than even an xbox.

it works on me too. if mama wants me to come to the back room i drop the controller.

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@Blondesjon You’re a smart man.

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@Blondesjon: Our son is only two, and we just pretend like he can’t hear us when he’s in his bedroom. Also, I love your and your wife’s Zombie avatars. I would have sex with either one of them.

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@Allie . . .nope. just a horny one.

did i mention these little black shorts she wears…

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horny and smart… me likey

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I like foreplay to be around 20–30 minutes, starting from kisses to right before penetration. Actual sex…I think around 10–15 minutes, preferably no more than 20. Even if it’s nice I just get bored if it goes beyond 20!

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@Blondesjon we have been interrupted many many times, don’t you worry

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Richard Pryor once said that people who say they have sex for hours are some lyin’ motherfuckers. “I like makin’ love myself, and I can make love for about three minutes. I do about three minutes of serious fuckin’, then I need eight hours sleep! And a bowl of Wheaties!”

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It depends on your mood. Fast and furious can be hot and slow and simmering also has it’s place. The best is when you’re both in sync. So if it’s start, stop, grab some food and feed each other in bed, round two, oral, intercourse, watch a movie, lay an cuddle, stroke and pet…whatever. The connection is what’s key and that’s more than calisthenics.

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Doesn’t anybody like to go away for the weekend and stay in the hotel most of the weekend?

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@jonsblond you hooker! i was gonna do sheri moon next! lurve!

i agree with @hearkat, no need to compare. just depends on the mood and timing. 5 min can be great, so can an hour+

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@Clair Please address any hate mail to Smelly Pirate Hooker c/o Whore Island.

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@Blondesjon We only have one child, so during naptime or bedtime is the only time we can get it in. I think we’re so accustomed to not having super long sessions…I can’t imagine having three. I don’t even know how we’d have time! lol

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Man…I shouldn’t have read this…now I’m in the mood.

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don’t pull your hair out :)

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@SirBailey: I spent Christmas break that way, once. I was very sore by New Year’s!

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@SirBailey Got money and a sitter? It’s nice to dream.

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I like 5–8 minute sessions. Anything more than that is just annoying.

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Give it time. With age you can prolong your capacity to enjoy pleasure. When you’re young the hormones are just so intense they’re like a flood. What I enjoy at my age 41 is that I can turn it off or on like regulating the flow of water through the tap and get that temperature just right.

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All depends on the porn I’m watching!

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Hahaha, GA for honesty.

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@Facade thats kind of depressing really. I could never in a million years imagine sex to ever be annoying….

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@uberbatman are you male or female?

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The only thing that is annoying about sex is when I can’t have it!!

And for the record, as has already been stated corrctly numerous times, there is a time and a place for everything—there’s room in the book of love for all kinds of sexual encounters—quick sprints to marathons—all have their time and place!

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@Facade male, but i know my woman would be quite disappointed in me if i only lasted 8 minutes lol.

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@uberbatman it’s good that you know what she likes :)

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My vagina simply can’t handle an hour long session. Even when using extra lube. That said, I would prefer getting the act done most times, short and sweet is fine with me. I do like the occasional long romantic lovemaking style, but only occasionally, not regularly.

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As long as it takes.

If you’re going to make me be specific, 12.46 minutes. Every day. Every time. No variation. Sheesh!

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@daloon – lol, do you have a set playlist too : )
0:00 – 0:10 Kiss her on the neck, right side 1.3 inches above collar bone
0:11 – 0:12 Peck her on the lips
0:13 – 0:27 Longer kiss, first the bottom lip then both, then back to bottom lip
0:28 – 0:30 Insert tongue into her mouth playfully
0:31 – 0:37 Pull back playfully to heighten anticipation

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Actually, we have five different playlists, and we determine which one we’ll use by a throw of the dice. We used to have six, but the last one came in three seconds too much, so we threw it out. If the die comes up 6, we don’t get to have sex. We wash dishes instead.

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You could always use white-out on the two center dots and just give set 4 a little extra probability.

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I find my hand starts to cramp after more than about 15 minutes.

or do you mean with a partner?

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We thought of that, but we couldn’t decide which one should get the extra probability. And the dishes always need doing.

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The best sex lasts til i cum.

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The best is when you both cum at the same time in about 10ish minutes!! Cuz your both so turned on you cant go anylonger! My husband is AMAZING!

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Anyone bored or annoyed after less than 20 minutes probably isn’t doing it right…poor things.

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