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What is it like to have a twin?

Asked by The_Compassionate_Heretic (14596points) June 8th, 2009

I’ve always wanted to know. I have a sister but I don’t know what it’s like to be close to her.

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i also don’t know but my daughter who was never going to have children is about to have twins, identical twins! can’t wait :)

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I’ve dated twins and lived with twins… they’re plugged in to each other and if one bonds with you then both are mentally bonded with you and then all hell breaks loose! :D

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No, I do not. But I also would like to know.

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@Ivan – I see what you did there.

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We have at least one set of twins on here who ought to be able to answer this. I’m curious, too, but I have a feeling that they may not be able to tell us, any more than the rest of us can really answer what it’s like not to be a twin.

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Oh yeah, I kind of have a twin two days younger and of the opposite sex but his picture is too risque to post here, sorry.

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My family has a lot of twins, I was one, but my twin died young, my sister has twins, my grandfather was a twin, and I have twin cousins. Most of them are more than normally close, but my cousins re always fighting and arguing. As adults they only see each other at family functions, wedding and funerals. Those who are close are quite remarkable in their ability to “synchronise” in thought and action, even when apart. They will choose the same clothing, watch the same shows, eat the same food.

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I’ve never had one, but if I do, I’ll let you know.

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My mother is a twin, and so are my sister in laws. Both fraternal.

My mother and sister are close, but seem to hate each other at the same time. It’s really hard to describe. They were close growing up, coming from a very large family, and sharing a bed. They know everything about the other. They are complete opposites though.
My sisters in law are very close, of course they have their fights but they seem to have a very strong twin connection.

I hoping for twins one day.

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My kids are twins. They support each other. They compete with each other.

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I’m a twin, there’s nothing special about it. Just a sibliing that looks like you and share the same (or almost similar) genetic code.

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My brothers are identical twins. One lives in my neighborhood and just down the street. We are very close. The other lives in another state. The one who lives near me and I do a lot of things together. We recently went to Hawaii together with our families. Although he does more things with me, I am fully aware that he feels closer to his twin. He has told me that they have a special bond that only a twin can share with his twin. They were always closer to each other than to me as children. They seemed to share a secret that only they knew. My brothers would help me out if I was ever in a jam and asked for help. With each other, they wouldn’t have to ask. They would just go out and do whatever it is that helps the other one.

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