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Can someone please give me a bit of advice about a girl at my work?

Asked by eeyore200343 (175points) June 9th, 2009

ok so i work in a childrens private day nursery and there is this girl there and she is very clever. and when i say clever i dont mean intellectually. she annoys everybody. she waits till people arnt doing anything then asks them to get things for her, and there is no excuse not to coz your doing nothing at that moment. and i dont think she has the best hygiene routine either. i have also known her to be quite rough with the children a lot, especially when they are naughty. but heres the thing. i dont know whether to tell management or not because for 1 she always blames somebody else and it could all come back to me, and 2 management have spoke to her before. please help!

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If management has spoken to her before then obviously she has some history with this. Even if she does try to blame someone else I can hardly see how management would believe her. If she is disrupting you and your co-workers then something needs to be done. Perhaps you can get a couple other people to back you up.

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Is this one of the girls in the daycare or a fellow employee? I will assume you mean she is a co-worker since you mention she is “rough”

For liability you need to inform management about the “Rough” behavior.
I would not mention the other annoyances as it will make you look you are petty and do not like her thus negating your point which is that she is rough with the kids. The goal is to protect the kids.

I would be sure to emphasize with the boss that the worker is a legal liability and that her behavior could harm a child and cost the center if a parent sues, not to mention the reputation of the facility.
Sadly it seems the threat of legal liability seems to garner action more than gentle complaints.

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no doubt i would get backed up on it but i feel im in a no win situation

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its another nursery nurse like myself

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The most serious of what you say is that she is rough with the children a lot. That is unacceptable, and must be brought to the attention of someone in charge, or if they don’t respond, someone outside the organization. Parents have put their trust in you and the day nursery, and the children deserve good care—not to be treated roughly.

She needs to be observed by her supervisors, and given help to improve, or get out of there and get a job in sales or somewhere where children will not be hurt by her.

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i know what your saying. its not that she hurts the children its kinda like a be there moment. she shouts a lot.

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and is rough in a way that is to scare the children not to necessarily hurt them.

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She needs to be observed, She needs some training. She needs to know the effect she is having on children. Yelling is also not acceptable. She is a big person and they are little and vulnerable.

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i know it is unnacceptable i will say something and i dont even know why i hesitated. thankyou

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There is a book I would recommend called The Science of Parenting, which talks about what happens to children’s brains when they are treated in various ways—good and bad. Believe me, you want the good to happen to children, and not the bad.

Good luck to you. I know this is hard.

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Get rid of the bitch. Hopefully she will learn from it. You have also known her to be quite rough with the children a lot.
Sorry, the trust is gone. She needs to move on.

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and i dont think she has the best hygiene routine either.

Mail a package of soap the company, addressed to “The Smelly Girl”, and when it gets there put it on her desk.

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@DarkScribe : I like the way you think!

Well, I know one thing- I wouldn’t want my child under her care. I would appreciate you saying something to management. Just be firm and express deep concern. It would help to call a formal meeting and invite other of your co-workers to join you. Write down examples of her bad behavior and make a copy for your manager(s). Be sure to include dates and times that these incidents happened. Tell them that not only are you concerned for the well-being of the children, but it is making it harder for the rest of you to do your jobs properly, and you don’t want to be responsible for an accident or a big blow up in front of the kids. Don’t suggest what they should do with her, only voice your and other nurses’ observations. Good luck.

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Some children are like that. Tell her parents.

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If need be, keep a secret diary of times when she has mistreated the children under her care, and then show it to management.

Ooops! I just saw that @ubersiren was telling you to do the same thing.

Then, that makes two of us with the same advice. As a parent I would be very upset to discover someone was shouting at my children when they are supposed to be paid to nurture them, and I would blame management for letting it happen.

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@eponymoushipster—I THINK she’s talking about a co-worker…

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@Val- I THINK he was joking.

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ooh @ubersiren wins. but, s/he never said “coworker”, just “girl”, so…

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@eponymoushipster : Yes, it took me a time and a half reading and sifting through some txt speak and structure issues to figure out who the subject was.

WTF, I’m bitchy today.

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@ubersiren <backing away slowly; throws a bar of chocolate in the other directon>

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@ubersiren I THINK oh. :)

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