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What color shoes and purse do I need to wear with my suit?

Asked by emilyrose (2269points) June 9th, 2009

I have a very important meeting on Friday with a large consulting firm that potentially wants to hire me. I have a chocolate brown skirt suit that I am planning to wear (unless a skirt is a bad idea—it’s knee length and not sexy). I have a cream/off-white collared shirt to wear underneath. What color shoes should I wear? And what color purse? I need to buy all this stuff as I am not used to dressing up so fancy but want to dress to impress!

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Taupe is always a good color for summer and with brown for both the shoes and purse.

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Dark brown or black closed toe shoes and the bag can be lighter shades of brown even a black bag as long as it’s as conservative as your shoes.

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I agree with @chyna. I am old school that handbags, shoes and suits should always coordinate! and yes, CLOSED toe shoes!

Skirt or Slack suit, as long as it covers and fits appropriate. Not tight, not too loose!

Do you have a friend (possibly an aunt, mom, older friend from church) that could loan you a nice handbag? I have several that I loan out to my interns when they go for “real jobs” after graduation.

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Someone very much more savvy than I when it came to fashion said, “Don’t ever wear shoes that are lighter in color than your skirt unless you want to call attention to your legs.” I’d been contemplating ivory shoes and handbag with a navy dress, but I took her advice and changed my plans.

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I’m young and probably have no idea, but definitely wear closed toe high heels. Handbag and shoes should have some shades of brown, but stick with a closer color of brown as your skirt is. Make sure you look youthful, with a mature tone.

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With a dark brown, black shoes would work well especially if you had earrings a necklace that tied in the black—something simple. Shoes and purse should match. Take printed copies of your resume with you, since that shows attention to detail.

Good luck with the interview!

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You’re young, aren’t you? If that’s the case, you can show a little flair and still look professional. I watch What Not to Wear a lot, and they are always advising against matching shoes to purse these days, and to use those accessories to show a bit of your personality… even in a business setting. If you have an attache or brief case, I probably wouldn’t even carry a purse.

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Hi—yes, I am 29—hope that still makes me ” young” ; )

I don’t have an attache or a brief case so I wanted to buy a larger purse that would hold a notebook, pens, etc. It’s not an interview per se, I have basically already been offered the job over the phone. Friday I meet the company president and accompany him to some business meetings where he will be introducing me as staff. It’s more that I know I need to set a very good impression from the get-go to both the president and the new clients. Thanks for all the tips everyone!

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@Augustlan is right. Do not match your bag and shoes. Add a pop of color. Almost any color would go with dark brown. Definately a closed toe pump, do you have anything bright?

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