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Gentlemen: Television MILF's - who are your favorites and why do you think the networks pair them up with such seemingly undeserving SO's as compared to ourselves :)

Asked by avalmez (1611points) June 9th, 2009
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It’s real. I am the biggest fucking dork in the world and am married to an amazing MILF.

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Why the heck was this question directed at me????!!!!

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I hate the TV stereotype of the supermodel woman married to some gnarly looking schlub. It’s everywhere!

When you’re talking about TV milfs, I think you have to mention Mariska Hargitay from SVU. She’s fantastic.

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uhm. who’s a milf on tv today?

i’d bang a lot of the chicks on the Today show. does that count?

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@eponymoushipster a personal opinion i’d say

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@eponymoushipster Ewww. Kathy Lee. Really?

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@jonsblond No, excluding Ugly Hotep and the Banshee. I mean Amy Robach or Natalie Morales.

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@eponymoushipster hehe! lurve…great description!

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I’d like to address your second question: why are the MILFs always paired with dorks. There’s a simple answer: buying power. I’ll explain:

Commercial television programming is little more than a framework for advertising. The more people watch the show, the more watch the advertising and the more revenue it generates for both the advertisers as well as the TV studio execs, who are able to command more for their commercial air time, etc. This is commonly known.

What most people don’t realize is that studies show that roughly 80% of household purchases are decided by the woman of the house. This holds true both for large ticket purchases as well as household expenses, and for all categories of spending (mandatory, discretionary, luxury, etc.). There are a few exceptions (cars, electronics), but mostly this 80% rule holds across the board.

Therefore, in order to increase the market value of commercial television, it makes sense attract more of those with higher buying power: women. This means the programming is far more often than not directed towards what appeals to women. And seeing a man that is an incompetent, bumbling oaf confirms most women’s view of their mates and of men in general. This is especially true of commercials, but also in the programming itself.

Think about it: when was the last time you saw an intelligent, powerful (read = threatening) man with a competent image in a television commercial? If there is, he’s usually paired with an equally successful woman as an “explanation” for his success.

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You’ll find some pertinent comments in this very similar question posted a week ago.

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