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Does anyone else think the new iPhone 3GS is going to blow everything else out of the water?

Asked by qualitycontrol (2570points) June 10th, 2009

Compared to the G1 and blackberry storm (which I’ve heard terrible reviews of) what’s the best?

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Nope. Every phones level of awesome is entirely dependent on who is using it and for what. It’s a tool. Not magic.
<—-Works for AT&T.

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I really don’t think it looks that much better than the iPhone 3G. What does it have? Bigger capacity, faster network (allegedly), compass, and a video camera.

Capacity of all computer-devices increases with time. That’s neither special nor unexpected.
Network speed claims almost never show in reality
I couldn’t care less about a compass on my phone.
The video camera is nice, but does it “blow everything else away”? No.

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Not really. Personally I would buy a G1 because I like open source software and the ability to modify the phone’s OS. I like the iPhone but it’s too expensive. I don’t care about the Blackberry one bit.

I will not buy any phone because I will not pay the ridiculously unfair and raping data fees we have in Canada. So I’m sticking with my iPod Touch. I was a bit sad that they didn’t release an update to the iPod Touch but I understand why they didn’t, so I’ll wait till the camera iPod Touch comes out and get that.

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nope, i have a G1 although i work in an apple store, it’s because you buy a phone that suits you, not because it’s a fad…

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Nope. 3.0 is making the iPhone better. I like it a lot. But the new hardware Is a lame move. Honestly I think the pre is still ahead. And I’m a iPhone user. Apple blew this update. Plus not having software available because they are greedy like the voice control feature for the 3g. Loss apple.

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it sucks how G1 got a video recorder with a software update but for iphone you have to buy a whole new phone ;( I would like to buy the new one but there is no way in hell I’m spending the next 3 years with AT&T

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@qualitycontrol plus the fact that most iPhone users don’t qualify for the cheap pricing. Totally dumb.

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@qualitycontrol yup. Check your AT&T upgrade. I’m sticking with my 3g.

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But the iPhone 3g doesn’t pick home-wifi anymore. Only outside wifi’s are detected. Maybe this new 3gs will be able to do this again. It doesn’t make any sense that an apple product would not pickup apple wifi signals (airport extreme & express) but has no problem picking up none apple wifi signals. doesn’t this bother anyone that we cannot control our macs with our 3g iphones anymore?

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@jaybee maybe you should restore your phone.

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I’ve done all the usual trouble-shooting steps. I had an Apple tech person to my house to look over the all the apple wifi’s I have (Time Capsule, one extreme and two expresses and on Apple tv) in order to get them to all work seamlessly. After he got everything to work properly he said my iPhone won’t pick up the home wifi anymore and when I asked why he wouldn’t give me a straight answer. After I kept asking he said something about incompatibility. He had been there for 3 hours already and at the time I just let it go. But I use my iPhone for so many things via the house wifi and I’ve basically been completely unable remotely do any of the numerous things I used to do with my iPhone.

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hmm, he must have set the network to N only, try setting it back to mixed mode…

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I think the iPhone will continue to be the most popular smartphone for quite a while. I personally am the type of person who always wants the latest and greatest technology, so I will be getting the iPhone 3G S when it comes out.

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My iPhone 3g picks up my home wifi always…

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