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What's the strangest thing that has ever happened during a school lesson?

Asked by sakura (8267points) June 10th, 2009

I was just reading a thread which said that a teacher kicked off her shoe in temper when dealing with a problem in class. This made me giggle!! It reminded me of the time my English teacher fell into the class sink when he was in the middle of reading Far From The Madding Crowd!! Any other amusing things teachers/lecturers have done during your lesson?

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In HS, we had a teacher who stood on her head to demonstrate the concept of reciprocals.

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When i was in school many years ago , a teacher once took me by the throat because someone threw a paper plane from my direction ( there was 6 other kids beside me and i was working )

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I had a college professor who frequenly used slides during lecture in botony and bacteriology classes. Sometimes he’d add his own slides in, so instead of a picture of a leaf popping up, we were treated to a picture of a woman in a bikini. He’d also add the same photo of a dog to the slides every couple of weeks, but each time he’d say it was someone else’s dog. “This is my Uncle Larry’s dog Bongo.” “This is my cousin Sally’s dog Spot.”

He also used to make comments in lab that cracked us up. We had to do throat swabs of our lab partners in bacteriology lab, and he looked at one girl’s culture and asked her why some of the “bacteria” had tails. He said, “What were you up to before coming to lab?” He was about 70 years old, and I don’t know how he managed to never get some kind of sexual harassment complaint against him. We all loved him.

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My teacher in 8th grade was Robert Bourgoine. He got into this thing where he was telling students every day that he was a teaching machine. Soon, he would begin class by pulling a plug out of his pocket, and plugging himself into the wall. He then called himself RBM (like IBM).
It kept the class interested, but lost our respect.

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@MissAusten – that’s hilarious :P

Anyway, on a high school in Nijmegen, 15 (!) students climbed out of the window without the teacher noticing. There’s a video on Youtube.

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Thanks for the stories so far they are keeping me amused! @MissAusten fantastic to hear that someone made such a positive impression on you!!! Gonna check out @Vincentt link now, it sounds rather fun!! :P

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@Vincentt That was hilarious!!

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One day, in the middle of our lesson (10th grade) our hot US History teacher just stopped talking, as a girl walked in. She was a girl in the grade ahead of us, most of us knew her. We may have been in 10th grade, but we sure as hell knew what sexual tension was. It was sooo awkward. And they talked for a minute or so, and she left. So strange.

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I had a teacher in tech school. He was also the Dean of the school. We were all smokers and so was he. One day he said that if we let him smoke in class we could also. That got a unanimous vote.
Our class picture was a doozie. All of us including our teacher with a cig in our mouth.

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One day, my 10th grade US History teacher pulled out his bottle of vodka from a drawer and poured some into his coffee right in front of us. “I don’t like talking about the Civil War,” said he.


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When I was in fifth grade we had a subsitute teacher and one day when she was out of the classroom, we noticed there was a man hanging upside down from a flag pole across the street. When the sub teacher came back into the room, we were all up at the window watching what was happening because by that time the ambulance and fire trucks had arrived.
Seen a all out of our seats, the teacher yelled, ‘get back in your seats’
We tried to explain and her response was, “get back in your seats, haven’t you ever seen a man hang upside down on a flag pole before!”.

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@Vincentt, we did that in Jr High with an awful teacher but it was before personal video cameras so not recorded. (I haven’t been able to actually look at your video yet as my iPhone doesn’t want to open it foe some reason. )

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In elementary school once one kid shrieked because he saw 4 rats run across the room. The school was shut down for a week for extermination. Also, in the same grade, the ceiling fan fell and almost crushed my best friend. Class was cancelled for a while because of that too.

More recently, the teacher would be writing on the board, and without realizing it, he would just continue to write on the wall with the chalk when the board finished. He got up to the door when he realized that everyone was laughing at him.

In high school, we changed the ringer of one kid’s phone so it would play sex noises. Then, we called him right in the middle of a chemistry test and everyone cracked up. That was amazing! Even the teacher laughed.

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Some of the kids in my junior high were so bad to substitute teachers, that only two subs would come to our school. The principal decided that anyone sent out into the hall by a sub earned an automatic detention, so that cut back on a lot of the antics.

We’d do things like put those “Mr. Yuck” stickers, sticky side up, on the sub’s chair so he or she would end up walking around with a collection of stickers all over his or her butt. If we had a sub for shop class, every time the teacher turned his or her back on the class, someone at each table would give the hanging elecrical outlet a big push so they’d all be swinging around like crazy when the teacher turned around again.

There was one sub that we were all really mean to. I remember having her in music class one day, and every time she turned around someone would throw something at her—a pencil, wadded up paper, whatever. She didn’t know what to do with us and just sat down at her desk and tried to ignore us. People then started throwing things at her and laughing hysterically, but she never did a thing about it. She never came back after that.

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This didn’t happen to me but my friend told me that I can’t remember who it was but one of the students or teachers threw a desk…. now the crazy one that happened to my friend is that the teacher was handing out a test and then he didn’t want to do it he said “I’m not going to do this even if the fire alarm went off” and guess what? the fire alarm went off

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Once a teacher stomped on a rat and killed it in front of our entire class. Blood and guts everywhere. It was highly inappropriate and quite disgusting. Otherwise a good teacher though.

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We had a trouble maker in my 10th grade history class and he would not quit disrupting the class one day. Our teacher became so upset that he picked up the students desk, with chair attached to desk (student still in seat), and slammed it back down. We didn’t see that teacher for a few weeks after that.

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1. My geometry teacher used to tell us stories. They were weird, and perverted, he was the father of one of the girls I went to school with. I remember once he told us this story about him and his ex girlfriend.
He found out she was cheating on him, and it was Valentines Day. He acted like nothing was wrong, at the end of the night, they had sex, and when they were done… He handed her a 20 dollar bill and said “Thanks for the ride.” He ALWAYS told us the weirdest stories.

2. Atleast once every year in 7–8 grade, and once or twice sophomore and senior year, we had bomb scares. They were crazy, but it was always just a scare. We also had lockdowns (drills for intruders and bombscares and that sort of stuff) every couple of months, in every grade.

3. My English teacher walked out on us one day, senior year, and he never came back, we all just left… Turns out he quit.

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@jonsblond: I saw a teacher do that once, but the teacher didn’t get in trouble for it. Because the kid was a top-notch troublemaker and fuck-up, and his parents were like, “Good” instead of getting pissed at the teacher and threatening the school with lawsuits and stuff.

I once accidentally (I SWEAR) grabbed the crotch of my 8th grade history teacher. I had a colossal crush on him. But that grab pretty much cured it. He was scary big. I wouldn’t let that near me. XD

My senior year of high school, my English teacher very cheerfully gave us all the finger on the first day of class. It felt a little surreal.

My 8th grade math teacher used to like throwing the chalkboard erasers at us if we weren’t paying attention. He also forced a kid out the window onto the roof and then closed it so he couldn’t climb back in.

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In my high school, we had this awesome foreign languages teacher, she taught French and Spanish, and I took French I and II and Spanish I with her. But then her husband got a job in Florida, and they couldn’t afford two teachers, so they needed to find ANOTHER person who knew both French and Spanish…no small task in a town of less than 5,000 people where your typical graduating class had less than 90 people. But towards the end of the summer, they hired this woman who had lived in Columbia in a war zone for the last 15 years. The fact that she really hasn’t been in the US and exposed to US youth for 15 years might have had something to do with it, and the fact that she had survived some pretty horrific scenes might have had something to do with it, but slowly we came to realize that maybe she wasn’t all there.

Of course, being teenagers, we had little empathy. In my French III class, which was 100% self directed…they put the 4 of us who went that far in a room with some tape players and headphones and told us what lessons to listen to….we pretty much didn’t take it all that seriously. Basically, just in order to even offer French III, they needed to have her teach it at the same time as Spanish I, so she taught the Spanish I class across the hall, and poked in once or twice a class to check on us. Well, one time we were looking through some shelves and came across all these old materials that were now outdated which had never been used and which were still in boxes. Someone (probably me) suggested we throw these out for the school….right out the 2nd story window in fact. Well one got thrown and just about hit someone walking by the school, and that person hunted us down, well…they hunted the teacher down, and she came into the room basically twitching and yelling and lecturing. Sure, she was right, but wow, she lost it. And that just fueled our fires, or at least mine.

I realized that a) I really didn’t like her…she was trying to teach us the way kids were taught a generation before, b) I somewhat resented having her as a teacher in place of the previous teacher who really knew how to reach kids, knew how to teach, and knew how to make class fun, and c) she had a very low boiling point and was pretty easy to push over the edge. So, I had her for Spanish II as well, I was the only one in both classes, so I’d realized about twice as fast how easy it was to get her goat. So I’d encourage the others to do things.

One day I opened my book to the middle then slammed it shut, and realized what a loud noise it made, this happened before class, so I was able to spread the word to the whole class that at the end of class when we were done with the lecture, where we would all have our books open, and she would then stop the lecture and give us 5 minutes to work on our homework, at that point we would all on a certain cue slam our books shut. It worked brilliantly, and she of course lost it, reamed us out, and we just sat there snickering, because she was ineffective, she really had no way to punish us…we knew she wouldn’t send the whole class to the principal’s office.

For every stunt we pulled, her reactions made us more likely to do something else to drive her nuts. So, I had one, which I thought was pretty harmless. I got everyone in the class to look up at a particular spot on the ceiling right when she walked in, to see if she’d look up to see what we were all looking at. She did, we laughed, and she had a conniption. She started to scream at us and freak out, “I HAVE HAD IT….” Then she broke down in tears telling us about all these problems, like the one time when she was living in Columbia and a bullet whizzed right past her face, missing her by less than one inch. She stormed out of class and we didn’t see her again for 10 minutes.

As much as I disliked her, I didn’t want to drive her into a mental hospital, so I dialed it back a bit. but as I was far from the only instigator, that whole year was “interesting”.

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Oh, gee, I forgot I had a 9th grade biology teacher like this guy. There were plenty o’ rumours about him and 12th grade girls.

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There was Mr. Victor, the french/spanish teacher. He would whisper in the microphone, mambo down the aisles, and if anyone said the word RINK he would go crazy. He also once picked up a desk, child in the seat, and tossed it into the hallway.

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Looks like there’s a lot of desk throwing teachers out there!

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I never saw a teacher throw a desk, but I saw a student in my class throw one.

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My math teacher took of his prosthetic arm and threw it towards the head of a kid who was talking in the back of the class. The lad reached up, grabbed the arm by the hand, and shook it.

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My sixth grade teacher had a hand that was permanently malformed to the point where it looked like he was controlling a sock puppet and his wrist was bent inwards. He was pretty old, and he explained to us that when he was young, he grew up on a farm, and they had a model T or model A (can’t remember, it WAS over 25 years ago), anyway, a car that you had to crank to start. He one day cranked the car and it took of and drove over his hand and wrist, causing it to appear the way it did today.

Well, he also had a bad habit of picking his nose and ears, with the crippled hand. And we would sit there and pretend to argue with each other, one person would say, “yes it IS,” and the other would reply, “no it SNOT.” He never caught on. Then one day before class, some of us were walking up by his desk, and we spied on his desk a large paper clip, it was bent open (so it looked like an S), and the large part of the S was CAKED with earwax.

I saw some pretty sick other shit in school, but it was mostly too awful to be funny.

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Thanks for all the answers guys I have had a good giggle at some of your answers :)

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When i was in 8th grade my teacher made about 7 of us (including me) go to the front of the room and do the can can with her while singing “a negative devided by a negative equals a positive”

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aprilsimnel- it was horrible….. also one time in 5th grade my teacher through a desk at a student and then walked out and quit. later he came back and explained to us that he was leaving we all cried including the kid that got a desk thrown at him

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