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How strict are absences in a community college summer session course?

Asked by noelasun (1894points) June 10th, 2009

I’ve been looking on the site, and I’m planning on emailing at professor, but I wanted to get a general idea first, in case it is really strict, so I don’t make a bad first impression email.

So can someone give me a general idea?
(I’m not planning on skipping out on class, but it looks like my great grandmother is requesting my presence smack dab in the middle of the class session. one does not refuse the great grandmother anything unless it really is a matter of life or death in my family)

What has been your experiance?

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How long is the class? Because if it’s like 8 weeks or so, the professor will probably treat it different than a 4 or 5 week class.

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Community college is still college and attendance isn’t really optional.
The instructor has to be there every day and might take offense when students don’t show up. Emailing him/her with that question is likely not to have a positive impact.

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Thanks for your help, I think I’ve come to the conclusion I’m asking the wrong question.
The question is:

Am I going to drop out of summer school with partial refund and (the bigger deal for me) push back my schooling plans for another semester? Or am I going to feel crazy guilty if this does in fact become my great grandmothers last summer get together and I miss out on it.

I really wish I’d known sooner this family get together was happening. =/

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My summer session is less than six weeks, you cannot even be a minute late in handing work in. When I’ve taken summer sessions before, you could miss two classes.

@noelasun Look at your colleges dates for dropping the course, they should have a detailed list on how much money you will receive back, if any.

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My community college had required attendance being taken and you could only miss three classes or you would automatically fail the course. So community college doesn’t automatically mean they are going to be lax.

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It depends on the professor, the course, the department, and the school.

Generally, if you know you need to miss a class or two, and you’re otherwise a good student, a professor will look the other way and not penalize you for it.

Your best bet is to email the professor, asking to see the syllabus, and mentioning that you have a family commitment that may take you away from the class for a couple days. If the professor is at all reasonable, he or she will give you a clear answer to the question.

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great grandmothers come first. you should take the necessary pre-cautions like telling the professor as far in advance as possible. either the prof will ok it, or won’t, but i still vote for the great grandmother.

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You can present it to the professor as you will be going to your great grandmothers event. You can tell them you would really like to stay in the course and if that is possible great, but you will drop the course if they feel that it is not workable. And that you respect whatever they say… it is their course and they will know best whether you can really keep up with the work necessary. Of course some profs are pompous *sses and live to make students miserable, but there are some cool ones now and again.

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