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Whats the craziest text speech you know?

Asked by willbrawn (6614points) June 10th, 2009

Most of us know the following.

lol = laught out loud
afk = away from keyboard
idk = i dont know

Whats the craziest one you know? I ask because I read an article awhile back about teens and the ones they use. I had no idea for half of them. Just curious if I am missing some out there that the main stream knows.

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rofl – rolling on floor laughing
lmao – laughing my ass off
brb – be right back
wtf – what the fuck
jk – just kidding
stfu – shut the fuck up

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I really need to watch this thread. I have teenaged sons and have to figure out what they are saying.

You youngsters will certainly help us out with the meanings!

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@kevbo wins! Here’s a list

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WOW I didn’t realize the list was so long. @bythebay I appreciate it. I’ve bookmarked for future use. I’m sure there are more somewhere!

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What I learn courtesy of fluther yesterday-
(disturbing, to say the least)

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I couldn’t help noticing lol4rl wasn’t on that list…

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4 = for
sup = what is up = what is going on
2 = to, or too
yd2m = you’re dead to me
ttifs = text talk is fucking stupid

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@dverhey: Remember, you saw it here first!!

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@bythebay Oh of course!

And I was quite confused for a while. I though it was like lol for url, like laughing at a posted link. Now I know, though.

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FML fuck my life

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@amoreno06 What about MLIA? My life is average

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@dverhey hm, never heard that one.
i have another one that wasn’t on that gigantic list.
ttyn talk to you never
i’m sad to say i heard paris hilton use it on her new bff show. *shudder
may i just say i don’t usually watch it but my sister was and i didn’t feel like moving.

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my mom makes up a new one every week. like it’s so hard to just say it when she has a qwerty keyboard. and emoticons! geez! the one she’s made up that she uses every day:
ttyaw: talk to you after while

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I’m fond of “SDNWOTI”. Sarcasm does not work on the internet

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ROFLCOPTER. I’ve always loved that one, but I see its on the list.
QQ – cry
QFT- Quoted for truth.

For you parents, keep your eyes out for POS and AITR.

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The craziest text speech I know of is french. It’s ridiculous. I love it.

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