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What is the most unique or hardest geocache you have found?

Asked by applesaucemanny (1775points) June 10th, 2009

Some of you might not know about geocaching, what it basically is it’s a treasure hunt but instead of keeping the treasure you have to trade something of equal or greater value and then sign the log.
The 2 most unique ones I have found are an ATM and you have to crack open the safe to get inside but they give you 3 of the numbers and you have to find the fourth one
the second most unique one I have found is one that’s a rock but you have to pull it out of the ground and you’ll see it’s attached to a tube and you open up the tube to find the log book and stuff

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BWT’s Phobia Series – Acrophobia Cache GCYK7H
You have to rappel down to it from an overhanging cliff. You have to let go of the rope with both hands to reach the cache box. It’s a level 5.
There’s no net. Yikes!

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( “unique” stands alone, like “pregnant. They take no qualifiers.)

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Amelia Earhart.

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@applesaucemanny It scared the crap out of me. But I did it! Peer Pressure!
Of course the 2 “Lupin’s Treasure” caches are unique, too. Sorry @gailcalled
The items in the US cache are found only in Japan. The items in the Japanese cache are from a rural community in the US. One person made a quest to be the first in the world to get both.
I couldn’t believe it.

That A.T.M. looks challenging.

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There was one tucked between the pages of Stereotaxic Atlas of the Cat in the library of the University of California, San Diego.

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Time to Catch Some Z’s in Reston, VA took a while (to solve the puzzle) and now it is out of commission.

Also Landmarks (GC13YD6) was a pain to solve. (Also near Reston). I have a friend who lives there and he has me help solve the puzzles and he does the legwork on these.

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We really wanted to hide a geocash somewhere along the Yukon river when I canoed it. It would have been pretty hard considering you would have to go down the river for a couple days to find it. I found one on accident once.

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There was one that I had to first decode it (which included learning a bit about morse code) then follow the clue to a pier, where under the pier a geocache was stuffed in a (rather realistic looking) frog that was tied to the pier with fishing line.

Another that was just super tiny, shoved in something, covered with a rock and when all was said and done, almost impossible to see where to bust into the sign to find the thing.

There is one two blocks from my house I have yet to find purely because there are ALWAYS tons of people around. It’s a busy street for walkers and drivers. And while I think I know generally where it is, with so many people it’s hard to look around without looking suspicious.

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