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Does anyone know any apps that let you choose a song to listen to like seeqpod?

Asked by IzayaT24 (1points) June 10th, 2009 from iPhone
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Pandora app

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…or app

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Pandora… but you need Internet (correct me if I’m wrong), so may as well just YouTube it.

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Hmm, have you tried Grooveshark?

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Actually, Pandora doesn’t let you listen to a specific song which I interpret your question to be asking. They allow you to “seed” a station of your choosing upon which it is built, but not the song itself. They do allow you to give a thumbs up or down so you don’t have to listen to songs you really hate, but its much more difficult to get specific songs added. Also, any songs you do want to add to the “station definition” must be done to your account on your computer rather than the app itself.

The closest I have been able to come to being able to play a specific songs is with an application called “FINETUNE” which is also free. The songs have to be a part of a 45 song (minimum) playlist which you have previously set up on your account on the website——again with your computer rather than the app itself.

However, they changed something about the interface on the website and I can play a playlist which I had previously made about 6–8 mos. ago but can’t figure out how to create a new one.

If anyone else reading this uses Finetune and can drop me a clue that would be nice.

BTW——Pandora does need internet but not necessarily wi-fi. I have driven through some sparsely populated areas on recent trips and it hardly ever crapped out. And if you are near a major metro area with good 3G coverage it is excellent..

It is by far the most consistently stable radio application I have used and I have tried out a LOT of them.. It’s still my favorite. You just have to be willing to spend the time on your computer with it running in order to train it for the genre stations you have set up. No matter how specific your station definitions are it keeps trying to go into what I call “everything but the kitchen sink”—mode. It keeps throwing in artists and songs that are so far off the mark its laughable. But a fast reflex on the thumbs down button usually sets it right.

Unfortunately, it’s algorithms don’t include an understanding of basic english or even musical terms. I have totally given up on creating an Acapella station. :)

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Yeah, Grooveshark let’s you listen to specific songs.

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