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Do your creative juices come alive when your pay-day ends?

Asked by joli (633points) December 28th, 2007

Does your mind rejoice and create top notch outside your day job?

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I’m a photographer and have to say my day job sucks all my creative juices dry. I am in such a noncreative atmosphere and there is nobody there with the same passions as me. I wish there was a switch, but every artist will tell you, there’s not.

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By profession I am an IT process analyst. Once I leave my job for the day, my creative juices come alive!
At least I think I have some creative juices, I am by far not a talented musician or artistic, but I will look at things in a different perspective that some deem as creative.. :)

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Yes, I find that I do my best work and thinking, when I’m not at work. I think it’s because when I get out of work, I relax a bit and the idea that I was looking for earlier is able to get to the front of my brain.

I find that anything that takes my mind off of work helps to get me thinking about it more. Like tossing my rubber band ball around. That does wonders for the creative spark.

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