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How many calories does sex burn?

Asked by mary2 (82points) December 28th, 2007

…on average?

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75 to 150 for a quickie, 250 to 500 for standard run of the mill sex, 750 to 1000 for make up sex

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May I ask where you got those numbers?

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I equated how long each of those sexually events would last and determined the heart rate for that time. I then referenced a cardio chart that showed calories burned per selected workouts. Everyone has different sex, so it is by no means scientific. Same goes for working out.

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For a 160 pound male burns 200 calories on average per mile of running (10 minute mile). Sex take signifigantly less energy than propelling a 160 pound body across the ground at an average of 10mph.

With that being said even vigorous sex would use a fraction of the energy running takes to run a 10 minute mile. According to a recent poll, the average sexual encounter lasts about 10 minutes. So I would guess somewhere around 50 calories or less for a man and even less for a woman (since most female sexual positions are much less active then male positions).

So on average, no enough to consider a real aerobic exercise. But again, these types of questions are so relative.

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good answer.

I would like to hook a heart rate device to me to actually see what it does. Individually that would be the only clear answer as everyone is different. Age, gender, position, time, speed, etc…

It is exactly that, relative.

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Interesting calculator

10 minutes of running at 6 mph =~120 calories for a 160-lb. man, according to that calculator…I’m no math whiz, but I guess the real question here is-it’s Friday night, why am I at the computer instead of-oh snap, guess I just disclosed to all of flutherville just how much (or little) empirical evidence I actually have to go on (I’m married)...

(inserts non sequitur)...didn’t Gilligan and the Professor make a hamm radio out of two coconuts and some sea shells? :)

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@sndfreq: you are a riot! :)

Nevermind the math. Sex is a great all-around method of exercising. No special diets, no special wardrobe, comfortable in all weather conditions, privacy optional, a comfortable venue, topped off with a lovely little nap and a healthy appetite afterwards.

Partners optional, too:)

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I think it depends on the type of sex, entirely, Spargett.
Sure, it takes less work than running if you’re just doing missionary or something else fairly regular…. but there’s the other kind of sex too. The wrestling for being on top, pinning eachother, forced, lustful kind of sex (Usually seems to happen when you haven’t seen your SO for much too long), too, which I’d figure burns a loooot more calories than running does.

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it depends. If your having totally awesome kinky sex then you can 29.46 pounds.

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Who cares…just go for it!!!

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What does it matter how many calories you burn when having sex… ruins sex if you ask me. If you want to lose weight then get your fat ass on a treadmill and work out….eat less and stay off the couch….and have sex FOR FUN GOD DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You don’t burn that many calories from sex at all. Of course you burn more calories during sex than just sitting around though.

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Lets see a work out has a warm up, a comfortable zone, a learn something new or do something athletic zone, a do something comfortable zone and a cool down. How many calories can you burn in each zone and Do not skip one either !
But oh! wait That would be great, but who can manage an athelitic event each time !!!
So I’d say… from 0 calories( Let me know when you are done) to the @vanguardian estimate of (OMG) roughly 900 calories +or -

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