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How do I convince myself to go out for a run?

Asked by SarahR (38points) June 11th, 2009

Everyday I promise myself I’m going to go for a jog and then I just keep delaying it cause I’m lazy. Any pointers?

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get a jogging buddy
or get someone to chase you

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1. Put your running clothes on now.
2. Read this discussion.
3. Go run.
4. Tell us you did it.
5. Rinse.
6. Repeat.

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i guarantee, once you get over the hump of that first run or jog, you’ll want to keep it up. takes a little will power and some parts “drive” and mostly the goal you are trying to achieve. just keep looking in the mirror.

of course after the first day, your muscles will remind you. that “good hurt” is a sign you are not using those muscles. so run on them again to shock the muscle into exercise regimen. you control your body—YOU!

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Make sure you have some good music that will pump you up!

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haha that’s kinda like me right now.. I haven’t been to the gym in weeks.. lazy sometimes Plus I’m always complaining about my old shoes.. I still need to buy new running shoes. when that happens, I Plan to get back to the gym. cross my heart lol

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Forget the pep talk. Throw on your running clothes, set your iPod to your favorite work out mix and get out there. It’s harder to procrastinate once you’ve already got the ball rolling.

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Give yourself permission to do a lazy run or a walk. Repeat until you feel up for more.

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Do it in the morning.
The hardest part of exercise is starting. Once you get into that mode, you develop a routine. One you’re done with your run you will feel tired but you will feel accomplishment.
Plus exercise gets your endorphins flowing which is a good high.

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You just have to tell yourself to do it. Three days a week for the past 7 weeks, I have had to tell myself to get out there and do it. And I do it. Because if I let let myself down, then damn, I’ve let myself down.

Don’t enough things in this world let you down without you doing that to yourself, too? Just run for 20 minutes, for Bob’s sake, after you stretch for a good five or so.

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Go out for a walk. Take a hunk of raw meat and put a string through the meat. Wear the meat around your neck like a necklace. Then go to the part of the park where most of the stray dogs congregate.

There you go, now you have motivation to run.

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stop talking about it or even reading this thread and go right now.

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does happy dance because @robmandu linked a question I asked in January, and hopes @SarahR is motivated now!

My advice: subscribe to a running magazine like Runner’s World, Running Times, or Trail Runner. They’re about $20/year, like a quarter of the newsstand price, and packed full of motivational articles and helpful hints and tips. Just seeing mine on my bedside table helps keeps me excited about getting out there (even when I haven’t read it yet!)

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ask a friend who will drag your ass to go run with him or her… i suggest someone who runs many miles…

gooduck and don’t die

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Put on your work out clothes, pull your hair up and wear your running shoes. Eventually, you’ll get the message and start.

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1. Put on your running clothes.
2. Step out the front door.
3. Imagine how good it will feel to stop running.
4. Start walking.
5. Start running.
6. If #6 doesn’t begin immediately after step#5,refer to #3.
7. If #6 still fails repeat step #5 to exhuastion.

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I answered another similiar question like this – Consider the Nike slogan “Just do it”. It’s really as hard as you make it and there is no secret.

Like anything else that doesn’t do itself – you just have to do it (that is if you want to).

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