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Moon Secrets Revealed : John Lear is he a visionary or a nut job ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4407points) June 12th, 2009

” There is breathable atmosphere on the moon ” ” we have been mining the moon for 40 years ”
Video one there is a few tho .

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Nut job. The only secret is that the moon is made out of cheese.

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No. Just no. I don’t care if he’s a nut job, but he’s certainly telling lies. Because there is tangible and plentiful proof that his thoughts are not the case, India’s space program has mapped the moon and Japan’s Kaguya probe has taken gorgeous HD footage. None have seen moon mining.

I don’t care how many videos there are, when one is old and retired and crazy it seems logical that one could turn to producing craziness. I don’t need to waste any more time explaining why this person is not worthy of anyone’s attention.

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@willbrawn It’s not a secret Wallace and Gromit showed us that years ago .

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I’d buy it. Google Richard Hoagland and watch his interviews. There’s also speculation that the moon’s gravity is stronger on its dark side, which is where bases/settlements would be. I also disbelieve that our space program hasn’t “made it back” in 40 years—seems odd, doesn’t it? Finally, what are the odds of this non-rotating satellite being perfectly sized and positioned to block out the sun every so often. Must have come in very handy for Babylonian/Egyptian party tricks.

Regarding photos of the moon, there’s a TON of speculation of airbrushing and the like.

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I love conspiracy theorists, their absurd speculations and wildly outrageous claims give me a lot to laugh about. Who needs Comedy Central? These folks are all the amusement the thinking person needs.

the only scary part, is that without skeptics refuting their claims, the conspiracy theorists would have us all living under over-priced infra red lamps, drinking water with memory to cure disease, going to chiropractors for serious medical ailments, worshipping crystals, and eating all our food raw.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra, likewise, it gets puzzling to hear people dismiss them with such a broad brush. I’ve always been a thinking person, and I’m a highly educated person, but I’ll probably never see things conventionally again. No doubt some of it is bullshit, but it seems odd to hear a “thinking person” categorically dismiss alternative explanations for things.

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@sandystrachan, obviously I commented before looking at the video. ;-)

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@kevbo, we have large spacecrafts photographing every possible aspect of Mars, and the moons of Jupiter, and many of the other planets. We have views of things from far out in the galaxy, and views of nearly every planet in our solar system. The moon is is our closest neighbor, we know more about it than any other heavenly body, yet what are the odds we missed something when we took all those pictures and readings of it over the years? We missed mining industries? I bet we missed the little green men having sun and sand beach parties on the Sea of Tranquility, too.

Hoagland and the Face on Mars conspiracy? Surely you can’t take a loon like that seriously. The face on Mars has been proven by more recent photos as simply a trick of the light. Haogland is a wackjob, no skepticism needed.

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Nut job. It is well documented that there is no atmosphere on the moon. But don’t believe me or NASA. You can measure it’s absence yourself. Many times per month there is a good occultation where the moon passes in front of a star. The speed at which the star is blocked out and then reappears tells you if there is “bending” due to atmospheric conditions. If the light winks out perfectly there is no atmosphere. If it blurs you can deduce the thickness of the atmosphere.

Occasionally there are even Grazing Lunar Occultations. An observer may see the star intermittently disappearing and reappearing as the irregular limb of the Moon caused by an irregular crater edge past the star, creating a random-like blinking pattern. To do that the atmosphere must be very thin indeed


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@willbrawn Or a wolf or a misspelled flower.
or maybe an amateur astronomer with a 6” f8 Newtonian scope.

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Does it really make sense to believe that despite all our spending and tech advances that we haven’t been back or beyond?

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@evelyns_pet_zebra, to more directly answer your q, these things aren’t “missed.” They’re obfuscated and kept hidden.

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