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Do you groom your significant other?

Asked by casheroo (18116points) June 12th, 2009

I did a search and can’t find anything on this

So, do you pop your significant others pimples? Pick at their skin? Do any form of “grooming”?
Are you embarrassed if you do it?

I find that people have strong opinions on this going in both directions.
On wikipedia social grooming in humans says this “Grooming is associated with increased relationship satisfaction, trust, and experience of family affection while growing up.”
Do you think that’s true?

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Yes. I used to do that.

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My wife wants to trim my nails.

Oh, and when I was a kid, I used to think it fun to pull off someone else’s sunburned skin.

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I have this strange compulsion to pick off lint, straighten something that’s crooked, brush through hair… And I do it all the time as long as I know the person well enough where it’s comfortable to. (so it occurs more so with the SO)
Now, I’ve never popped someone’s pimples… that’d be passing the limit for me =/

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I do. I cut his toenails, pop his zits (gross, I know) and cut his hair. Sometimes, I give him a shave, too.

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Absolutely – I cut his hair if he wants me to, I shave his chest, if he wants me to, I can clip his toenails, clean his ears out, pop his pimples, lick his butt..uh uh, the last one wasn’t about grooming, lol..but yea, I would and do anything for his body, I love it

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Yea, we groom each other. I’ll do anything but pop pimples.

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Not really, no.

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yes. all of the above. it takes a lot to embarrass me…

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my ex used to do it, which took me a while to get used to.
i dont do it myself.
i’m not a touchy feely person and it got on my nerves but knowing she did it out of affection made me really happy deep down :)

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Yes and yes I believe it’s bonding between couples. An ex of mine used to feel neglected if I didn’t help with the plucking of “wolf hairs”.

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I use my tweezers to pluck the hair around his nipples…the hair grosses me out and he doesn’t want to shave it, so there ya go. I also pull out random stray, dark-colored hairs on his back because they annoy him.

Last night I also spent and hour peeling his sunburned skin off. But I like to do that on anyone, not just SOs.

I’m not really embarrassed that I do it…but I wouldn’t do it if other people were around, haha.

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We used to groom each other all the time, especially at the end of the day when the kids were asleep and we were thinking of doing other things to each other as well. But now that my husband is ill, it is pretty much all me grooming (and bathing and shaving and dressing) him.

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Heck yeah. I cut his nails (feet & hands), pluck his errant eyebrow hairs (nose, ears, too), pick zits, etc.
I want him to look tidy and presentable.
He trims my nails when requested and does a great job.
We call it being a monkey.

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Yep. My SO is a slob, so I have to make him “presentable.” He admires the Big Lebowski look.

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@scamp Yay! You’re back! I was missing you.

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@scamp good to see you!

Yes, we do. He scared the ever loving snot out of me, shortly after my son’s Kindergarten graduation, we were sitting at a restaurant and my husband, very abruptly reached over and pulled something off of my face. My mom looked shocked and I started laughing. I told him he looked like a gorilla grooming his partner. He promptly made the gorilla noise. There was some kind of fuzz that landed on me…I didn’t feel it and it seemed to bother the crap out of him. :)

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My wife is always picking at me, looking for fleas and tasty morsels-kind’ like the monkey cage. No, she does have a habit of wanting to fix my perfect doo.

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Sometimes if my boyfriend has a stray hair I pluck it, and we wash our backs in the shower! But no popping pimples for me, I get easily queasy!

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(That’s ALL you wash in the shower?)

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Absolutely. We wash each others backs, I’ve cut his hair, I pluck random dark hairs that annoy him, he’s dried and brushed my hair for me, I’ll pluck stray eyebrow hairs for him, etc. It’s pretty comforting.

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@SirBailey haha we are capable of washing the rest of our bodies on our own :D

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On your OWN? What fun is THAT? :)

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I said we were “capable” on our own not that we did it on our own lol ;)

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I might be in the minority judging from some of the previous answers here but no, I don’t groom my wife. And she doesn’t groom me either. Maybe we’ll have to start doing that. I’ll ask her about it later. After I groom my five cats.

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When I was in a relationship, I’ve done just about all the grooming that was mentioned here. I think it’s adorable =P – definitely one of the small things in a relationship that I’ve appreciated.

I think it definitely shows a sign of comfort, trust and affection. I wouldn’t groom a random stranger – and I wouldn’t even groom my friends.

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That is what love is all about!
If they can sniff your farts, and fall asleep.
Will squeeze your zits. Especially the ones on your butt.

That my friends is a keeper!

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ahh. i used to love popping my boyfriends zits. he didnt have acne and he VERY rarely even had one pimple so when he did i pounced on the opportunity. he did not enjoy it as much as i did.

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I totally do it! everything, like clipp his toenails, black heads, facial hair, head, even wash his private areas in the shower, some things I can’t even tell you!

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@frankie how can he see the odd color hairs on his back??
I had to shave my ex’s head and back…..eeeeeew

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He asks me to clean his ears, clip and file his nails. He pays for me to have mani/pedis. Occasionally we’ll pop a pimple for each other or wipe sleep from each other’s eyes.

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