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Less than one standard deviation from the mean :>D

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There is no normal. If you declare a normal, you are oppressing somebody. Normal is a selective choice of each indvidual.

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You know—normal.

Technically, @crisw is right. Lurve for that answer! Although, I will point out that it is impossible to measure humans on every attribute we have, so it is impossible to determine who is normal using any scientific means. However, humans can do it intuitively. You might as well ask where intuition comes from?

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<—opposite this

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It leads to bigotry and prejudice to differentiate between normal and abnormal. Maybe those terms should only be used when discussing proven scientific fact.

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I think crisw so far has the only quantifiable notion of normal.
In terms of the unquantifiable such as behavior or perception, can there be such thing as “normal” based upon subjective criteria? I think, no.

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Um… Not weird. Idk

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@daloon Done
Not by me. Sap82 beat me to it

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according with, constituting, or not deviating from a norm…

all other qualities are interpreted by the individual.

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Everybody poops.

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When I was a kid normal was to me:
a kid with two married parents
public school attendance
TV in the house
having pets
being White

As an adult, normal has become more of an ideal
Non violent
Non addicted
Non diseased
Non preaching

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“normal” is a hypothetical state, a collection of traits thought to be the most common, without any traits that are thought to be uncommon.

That said, I severely doubt that any such person exists.

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Normal means you don’t regret the things that you didn’t do.

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Normal may be defined as the reality of average expected behavior that is hypothesized by a majority of any polled subset at a particular point in time. It is a moving point, can be inaccurate, and is mainly unhelpful to improvement. Being abnormal, thus more motivated, different than the average, abnormally studious, perhaps of a different talent, is really sought after. Normal suggests the status quo, not bad, but not pushing the envelope. Hail to all who are abnormal, you are moving us ahead.

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Bangers and eggs for breakfast.

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Banger? I hardly know her.

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