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How can you fix problems when emulating ROMs on an Acekard?

Asked by pandamonia (34points) June 12th, 2009

I’ve been having trouble emulating some games on my Acekard.

Pokémon Platinum: Can’t connect to Wii
Legendary Starfy: Doesn’t respond when I try to quicksave
Clubhouse Games: Freezes when it saves

Any ideas?

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Best bet would be to google or an emulation site/forum , they are normally clued up on whats what and how to sort it.

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I would wait for an update, those games are pretty new, so new firmware needs to be written, I would check out AKAIO firmware (it’s not the official, but it gets updated frequently)

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have you download the correct kernal for acekard 2i on official website here

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