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Have any Pokémon DPPt Pokémon events happened?

Asked by pandamonia (34points) April 2nd, 2009

Have there been any pokemon events for Diamond/Pearl/Platinum yet?
I was afraid that some had already happened. Thanks so much…

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I read in Kotaku that they gave away a few legendaries at Toys-R-Us. If I remember correctly, Darkrai, the little green hedgehog, and Regigigas have been given out.

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Id go to a tourney if they had one i think my team is still pretty bad ass and i havent played in like a year

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I picked it up again to see if I could get into it; I couldn’t. I did a few trades online, then put it down again. I’ll have to wait for the next iteration.

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If you do doubles id battle you, i need to get back in the ring :)

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Does anyone have the Shaymin WonderCard?

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