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BSOD during startup on Dell Studio laptop? (read description)

Asked by Fred931 (9429points) June 12th, 2009 from iPhone

On a Dell Studio 1535 laptop using Vista, after the startup scrolling bar disappears from the screen (via selecting “launch windows repair utility”; selecting “start windows normally” results in an indefinite scrolling bar.), there is an approx. 2 minute pause, followed by a BSOD portraying the following message, excluding the “a problem has been detected” dialogue crap:

*** STOP: 0×000000F4 (0×00000003, 0×83F79020, 0×83F7916c, 0×8128C330)

Our family believes a virus had infected our PC earlier, so consider that as well.

Also, there earlier was a stop code 0xc0000021a or something.


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If a virus caused that, the best fix is to reinstall windows.

Did you try safe mode and disabling startup items? You can do this by using msconfig from the run (win + r) box.

You can also try repairing windows by using your windows disc.

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If there are documents or photos you want to save, grab those before reinstalling windows. You will need to get into safe mode to do so.

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I’m having a hard time starting safemode. The computer only gives me the option of choosing “start windows normally” or “launch startup repair (recommended)”. What now?

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Ok, I got to the safemode button, but then it loads some files, then displays a BSOD for a split second, restarts, and forgets what in theworld just happened 2 seconds ago. Now what?

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It wont settle into the safe mode desktop? Hopefully, someone here can help you get to safe mode, but so far, things do not sound good. If you do eventually get to safe mode. don’t be surprised if you are unable to copy the desired docs and pics to a disc. You should, however, be able to copy to a USB flash drive. Good luck to you.

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