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How should sunglasses fit?

Asked by killertofu (115points) June 12th, 2009

Should sunglasses fit with a person’s face shape? Should the nose bridge of the sunglasses run with a person’s nose bridge?

Do your sunglasses slip/slide when you sweat?

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I think they fit best when the bridge sits on the top of your nose, and they don’t fall off when you’re upside down. Hope this helps!

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If your ears are aligned your sunglasses will be fine. However, if your ears are off the sunglasses will never stay on.

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If your ears are off kilter, then you need to have the earpieces of the sunglasses adjusted.

If the glasses slide down your nose when you sweat you need to consider nose pads

Nose pads also help if you have a narrow nose bridge but the glasses are meant for a wide one.

The best solution is actually to purchase sunglasses through an optical shop, where they can help you find the best fit and make the adjustments to make the fit even better. However, only you can decide which pair looks best on your face.

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@Darwin the sunglasses nose pads are molded into the glasses. I have a wide bridge, so I think these glasses are for narrow. There is about 1/4” gap between top of nose bridge and my nose bridge

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It sounds as though you have already answered your own question. These sunglasses don’t fit you. You need to find a pair that does.

My husband always gets his from an optical shop because, as an Asian, he has a very wide and low nose bridge, and he has high cheekbones that bump his glasses. He also has a very wide face so “over the counter” sunglasses won’t work for him.

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