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What are the factors that make Japanese RPGs so much better than anything the west has to offer.

Asked by ragingloli (50158points) June 13th, 2009

I found Japanese RPGs to be captivating, engaging, deep.
On the other side, almost all western RPGs I played felt hollow.

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Same reason why our first person shooters are better than theirs. It’s just the sort of game that our cultures like, so the game companies have had a lot of practice.

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you should play Fallout 3

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i’d attribute it to purely to cultural preferences.
RPGs tend to be more mainstream in japan than in the states.

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i did play fallout 3, and it sucked.

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I personally don’t like JRPGs at all, because even though I admire Japanese culture as a whole, when it come to gaming I much prefer a medieval setting to the whole ninja/samurai thing. Or whatever else it is that makes the two different.

It’s really only a matter of taste. It is obvious that you adore the exact things I dislike. It’s not a technical issue, as people often like both. I could say “try Gothic” or “try Neverwinter Nights” but it’s obvious that what you like in JRPGs is that exact oriental atmosphere. Which is really the only difference between the two genres.

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A lot of the American market enjoys the differences in Japanese VS American culture, and I daresay it makes the experience more exciting – like stepping into a whole new world.

Japanese stories tend to have a lot more symbolism and the style itself is very different. It comes down to what the individual prefers!

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i don’t think it is about the “oriental atmosphere”.
Final Fantasy had no oriental setting. Grandia had no oriental setting. Neither did Zelda.
I think the most important differences are the stories and characters.
Characters in japanese RPGs really seem alive, they convey emotions, feelings and they have depth. You actually care about the characters, you feel with them. At least I do.
I have played Neverwinter Nights 2, and I never developed any of those feelings for the characters. They all felt so hollow, unimportant, replaceable and the plot felt unengaging and not captivating. And that was the case with all western rpgs I played, from Diablo over Oblivion to Fallout 3.

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I don’t know how they do it but they do it well.

In my opinion you don’t need any RPGs other Final Fantasy. Undeniably the greatest RPG franchise ever. Square Enix knows it’s shit. I think it’s funny that the series got it’s name because the first installment was supposed to fail.

Ooo and Chrono Trigger has a special place in my heart.

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Well , I feel like almost all JRPGS are the same… The toyng hero, with a spieky hairdo, finding a female friend/princess/frog/whatnot, the combing trough elemental caves of fire, ice, etc… Before finding out that the kings/boss/etc aide is a traitor or a shapeshifted she-bear or something….
Then I prefer games like Betrayal at Krondor, Planescape torment and such much more, they dont have that carbon copy feel to them…

Oh, and I to loved Chrono Trigger :p

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@ragingloli Fallout is not a bad game, is just about taste if you like JRPG it’s ok but don’t start talking trash of something just because you don’t like… Plus, If I want characters in all that stuff I rather read Dostoevski, Proust, Herman hess or Thomas Mann! the reason that I played is because I want to have fun and shoot at mutants! jaja….
I don’t know why people ask if is not able to listen and change their minds. @Jack79 give you a good answer…

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Well, I just got Oblivion working under Wine and that game still holds up for the most part.

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