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Does anybody care to help me regain my music collection?

Asked by jerrytown (124points) June 14th, 2009

My favorite things in life are family, friends, food, music and travel. I had a very extensive collection of live shows on cd and an 80G ipod filled with live shows. Last summer we packed all our belongings in the car and decided to travel for the summer, half way thru the trip our car got stolen. We have started rebuilding our lives but I am in the serious need of live shows and am having a hard time since i dont have much music to trade. Any suggestions

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Bummer. I had a similar experience when my storage locker was broken into and boxes of my sheet music was stolen. Not only were there valuable, irreplaceable editions in that box, but a lot of sentimental value as well. What hurts the most is knowing that it was probably worthless to whomever stole it, and it probably wound up in a dumpster somewhere. If the thief is reading this thread: I hate you.

Anyway, enough about me. A suggestion would be to take advantage of this tragedy to begin over new. To build on your knowledge and experience (which nobody can steal!!) and branch out into new types of music and modes of performance. Explore new genres, listen to different music forms and build an appreciation for music that you might never have discovered, instead of being anchored in what was.

A good related thread from last week to help you get started: It includes a lot of websites where you can listen, learn and build a new collection.

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@dalepetrie…Awesome, thank you! Can’t wait to hear the Eric Burdon & War reunion after 37 years. Sending GA lurve…wtf

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Yeah, I’ve found some pretty great stuff on there. Not the easiest site to use, but a LOT of stuff can be found if you’re willing to dig for it.

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