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Should i by an ipod classic or an ipod touch?

Asked by dicka999 (22points) June 14th, 2009

i am in the current market of buying a new ipod and i am tied between the two but i have a touchsceen phone

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It depends primarily on whether you want to listen to it, or play with it. It can also be influenced by the type of phone you have or intend to get. Many touchscreen phones duplicate most of the features of an iPod Touch.

I have a near new iPod touch sitting unused in a drawer as I own a BlackBerry Storm, a touchscreen phone. I still use my iPod classic though for music.

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Do you want a music device or a media device?

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I had this same dilemma and ultimately decided on the 120GB iPod Classic simply because I have so much music and wanted to be able to keep it all on one device. I’m worried about losing all my music. But if you don’t have a lot of media and are more interested in the apps, then get the Touch.

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An iPod touch. Then you could download a spelling dictionary app.

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Depends on what you want to do with it, as others have said. The Classic has a moving hard drive inside so it is best not to use it for exercising as the motion and shock can mess up the hard drive. The Touch has no moving parts so is fine for exercising, just like the Nano and Shuffle.

But, because of the higher capacity of a normal spinning hard drive, you can fit a lot more on a Classic. You’ll never listen to 100+ gigs of music at once, but some people like to have the choices available.

You can do a lot with the Touch that you can’t do with the Classic of course, with all of the apps and games available and WiFi it’s basically a little computer.

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if your looking for something to just play music get the original but if you want to use it for other entertainment purposes get the touch.

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Is its for videos and other such features rather than just music get an Archos instead . Bigger screen bigger memory ultimately tho a bigger price tag .

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iPod touch it’s multifunctional

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I personally believe that the ipod touch is the one you should get since i don’t really think that people do need a 120gb device just for music. also while u r playing music u can play with apps on the touch, however the classic cannot do that. Therefore i believe the multi functional ipod touch is the best choice

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