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Has anyone ever discovered pornographic photos of family members?

Asked by Girl_Powered (503points) June 14th, 2009

I was going through boxes of old negatives looking for things to scan and found erotic pictures of my grandparents. Grandpa is dead, but Grandma is very much alive and I can’t look her in the eye now. She was very sexy when she was young, back in the 1940s. I can’t believe she posed like that.

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wait – she’s posing with your dead grandfather?! freaky!

thankfully, i’ve never found a pic of anyone in my family doing it, dead or alive.

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It’s funny how we always seem to assume that people older than us never did the things people our age or younger did. I’ve never been in your position, but in a way, it is kind of cool… once you get past the shock!

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Fortunately I’ve never been in a situation like the one you described, but like juwhite1 said, I think it’s kind of cool. At least you know that your grandparents had a fun and exciting marriage! :)

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I have discovered similar things several times. Mostly because I am the “photographer” in the extended family and usually after a family death etc., the collections of old negatives get handed on to me for examination and possible printing. It is not as uncommon as you might suppose.

Some have just been mildly “raunchy” some outright pornographic. The most amusing was after my brother-in-law borrowed a digital camera from me for the honeymoon. The camera came back, all images deleted several years ago. Recently I had occasion to test a file recovery program and selected an old 512K SD card at random, just as a test card. When I checked it the first thing that I saw was my kid sister in a very compromising position. (She wasn’t bad for someone in her thirties).

I deleted the more graphic images and made a B&W poster of one of the milder images and stuck it to the back of the guest room door the next time she came to visit. She didn’t speak to me for months. At least not civilly – she actually had plenty to say.

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I found polaroids of my father getting busy with one of his girlfriends. Yuck.

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@FutureMemory I found polaroids of my father getting busy with one of his girlfriends. Yuck.

Did it get you an increase in your allowance?

I loved the Polaroid SX-70 when it came out. Even the name was suggestive of its primary purpose.

I have Polaroids of all the girls I ever dated – not nude or erotic, just portraits and body shots.

(Well some of them were a bit more intimate, only of those that I dated long term.)

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Nah my parents were divorced at that point :)

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Yep. I’ve seen pictures of my mom with my brothers dad, and my current step-dad. Also, my brother found my mom’s stash of sex toys. Ugh.
I am forever scarred.

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Thankfully, no.

I can’t afford that kind of therapy.

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I think that’s great
our parents and grandparents are individuals, with their own past and lives

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@chelseababyy yikes. she’s out there, isn’t she? yikes.

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No but is it strange that I wish I did? Not anything too bad, just proof that my family isn’t as boring as I think they are.

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@chelseababyy Sex toys? Oh no, now I’M scarred for life over your mom’s toys.

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@eponymoushipster mhmmmm.
@chyna so scary, am i right or am i right?!

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@chyna Sex toys? Oh no, now I’M scarred for life over your mom’s toys.

I would have written: “God is Watching You” using an indelible black marker pen if I had found it.

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@chelseababyy p.s. , is your mom hot?

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@chelseababyy You are totally right.
@eponymoushipster You are sick. (But I’ve heard her mom is hot.)
@DarkScribe Your sister has good reason to be mad at you. I would’ve hurt you if it had been me.

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@chyna yeah, i probably am. but if you’ve seen @chelseababyy, then you know why i ask.

@chelseababyy when you provided pics, i was very nervous about clicking on them. lol

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@chelseababyy they could have been the pics in question, and also, you’re cute.

i don’t know which question you’re asking why to

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@eponymoushipster Why you were nervous.
and ew, why would i have those pictures?

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@chyna Your sister has good reason to be mad at you. I would’ve hurt you if it had been me.

She got over it. She wasn’t bashful, she has always walked around the house naked if we didn’t have company. My mother was the same – no shame about the human body. We do those sort of thing to each other all the time.

A few years earlier I was in a pub that we both went to and doing really well with a gorgeous girl, when she walked up, tried to plant some slobbery kisses on me and then pretended to cry when I pushed her away. Told the girl that she was my girlfriend until I got her pregnant, but then I started telling everybody that she was my sister. I never saw the girl again.

The thing that took her the longest to get over was curing her of drinking to excess. (She is still almost teetotal though.)

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@chelseababyy those could have been your mom’s “naughty” pics.

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No. It sounds worse than walking in on my parents, and finding sex toys (I’ve done both.)

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no. thank god.

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@chelseababyy You are cute!
@darkscribe What did you do to make her stop drinking? Also, I have 3 brothers and we lived in a small house, 1 bath and I have never seen them naked, nor have they seen me. I can’t believe you guys walked around naked all the time.
@Casheroo That would’ve been awful, to walk in on them.

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@casheroo lol. if that happened, id never be able to intimate ever again. the memory would haunt me.

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@eponymoushipster they weren’t having sex, it was something even more disturbing to think about. let’s stop talking about this.

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@chyna I can’t believe you guys walked around naked all the time.

My mother was what is know as an “Aunt Mame” personality. If you have read Anais Nin’s diaries, she is that sort of person – a cross between Aunt Mame and Anais Nin. She even looked like Anias Nin.

Nudity was nothing to her, but manners, style, grace were very important.

As for curing my sister, it was when she was about eighteen. She would drink martinis and other cocktails until she passed out. At a party one day, she did exactly that quite early. A group of us went out and found a nearly drunk roughneck from a local bar and invited him to the party. We filled him with Scotch until he passed out. We stripper her naked and put her to bed – with him also naked next to her.

When we woke up next day he was gone and she never drank again. One of the other couple slept on the daybed in the room next to her – just in case he woke up. Not that we expected him to – he was well out of it.

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@DarkScribe That is hilarious, but mean. Did you ever tell her the truth?

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@casheroo they weren’t having sex, it was something even more disturbing to think about

Who was playing “dress up”?

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@DarkScribe my guess is, there was a dog, a nine iron and some dry ice involved.

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@eponymoushipster @DarkScribe Stop it you sicko’s. She doesn’t want to tell. Or do you Casheroo?

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@chyna That is hilarious, but mean. Did you ever tell her the truth?

No, I didn’t but another person who was there did about eleven years ago. She really hasn’t spoken to me since finding out. I didn’t even get invited to her last wedding.

She spent years thinking that she had laid this guy. (We left a couple of empty condom packs there to add a bit of reality.)

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@chyna what? just because mom and dad are into scatplay, doesn’t mean we can’t guess.

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I did find a torn picture of my cousin in the garden once. I picked up all the pieces and gave them to her. Apparently she had taken it on the beach with a friend as a joke, then her mother found out and tore it, throwing the pieces in the garden on purpose so that passers-by would find them and “see what a slut you are”. Luckily I found most of them, so no harm was done. She was too busy arguing with her mother about it to feel weird about me, and I never gave it much thought.

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@eponymoushipster omg, you’re as bad as my husband! he jokes about them even having sex and it grosses me out. it was nothing kinky, just, uhhh too much to handle for me as a 16 year old. lol

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@casheroo “mom, why are you dressed like Robin? and Dad….Batman?” ;)

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@casheroo I didn’t mean to comment on it too, but I just got sucked into the conversation by eponymoushipster and Darkscribe. I blame them.

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@chyna you so wanted to participate.~

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@chyna lol, it’s okay. lurve.

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I’ve found naked pictures of my parents. My mom was super hot, and my dad… it’s my dad.

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Porno pics of MY family members? You’d want to have your eyeballs pulled out!!

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I’ve found naked pictures of my grandpa’s old girlfriends (as far as I know, none of them are my grandmother, but I wouldn’t know for sure.) I’ve also found love letters form his old girlfriends, some of which were quite explicit.

My grandpa had a lot of girlfriends. Weird.

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I think these posts are kinda cool reminders that our parents and grandparents are just regular people who like to get it on. :)

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…in some cases, dressed like cowboys and indians.

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I was in the process of selling my house and fixing a few things to make it more presentable. One of the things I did was to replace a mirror that were fasten with mirror tape against a wall (the house is nearly a 100 years old) so when I took the mirror down a few old photos and letters dropped out. The first photo was from two very old rather large ladies sitting in the bath(the house bathroom and it had a coil heater to warm water in the background of the photo) it was the same old bathroom, in their hands, in the bath they were holding two bottles of what we would call homemade peach brandy,the one lady was fondling the others breast with really naughty and intoxicated smiles. The old ladies were the spinsters and never married, but believe you me they had a lot of fun in that old house….:D

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@WifeOfBath Makes you wonder who took the photo?!?

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@daloon Good point.

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when I was little dad traveled a lot and I was looking in his almost packed suitcase and say a naked pic of a woman with long black hair (my mom “the Blonde” with a long black wig) lying on a leopard pillow…I yelled to my mom (she was 24 years old at the time ) “Mom, dad had a picture of a naked lady in his suitcase”... she snatched it away from me…I didn’t figure it out until years later…

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@chelseababyy Yikes….your mom IS hot!!!!

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