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Have you got a tattoo and are you still happy with it?

Asked by joooon (215points) June 14th, 2009

Personally I think all tattoos are tacky and would never date any guy with any.

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I got a tattoo when I was young, and wasn’t happy with it. After living with it that way for 15 years, a few years ago, I went in and got it repaired by a very good tattoo artist, and am now very happy with it.

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do you really think ALL tattoos are tacky? you must not have seen some amazing tattoos that people have. and to not date someone because of that is, well, your prerogative, but way more superficial than one getting a tattoo

and just to prove to you that tattos can be beautiful, look here, this guy is an artist, he lives in Russia, I’ve spoken to him, if I could ever afford it, it would be an absolute honor to be tattooed by him..

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I’m certain that very few 40 year olds are still as enthusiastic about the tattoos they got as they were 24 years ago.

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It’s a huge scare on your body, yes I think they’re tacky. Gave me a link to a good tattoo if you want but I normally don’t like them.

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great question
I have 4 custom tattoos:
I love them all, from when I got them to the day I die, they each have a special meaning to me. If I had to choose between my tattoos and a relationship my tattoos would win every time

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Sorry to say this but that looks tacky and badly done.

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it’s a painting by a great artist and a friend with a lot of meaning to me – if you knew anything about tattoos, you’d know that one is one of a kind, but

that’s okay
don’t be sorry

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir God that looks amazing.
This seems like its not going to go anywhere cause , everyone with tattoo is just going to get moaned at and belittled . i have two 1 is of a skeleton playing a bone guitar , the 2nd is of Lion-o Lord of the Thundercats with more to go . Next appointment is in September

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Yep. I have stars from my hip to my shoulder, and I love it.
I’m getting my next tattoo soon :D

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Oh and to add..
I think tattoos are awesome. I think that it’s the most creative way someone can express themselves, and be themselves just a little bit more. It’s an expression of how we feel, what we love, and our imagination. Being able to show who you are through a work of art. I think that makes a person even more attractive. Tattoos come with stories, meanings, feelings, and to be able to look at someone, and see what they’ve been through, and what passions they have, is incredible.

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man, I wish I had more money right now, I’d get started on my half sleeve

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I am torn between two or three designs for this next app , i want my guitar to be done in a way that looks like its being ripped out from under my skin . There is a tattoo i want my granda had it done, but no1 can seem to draw it for me or have photographs of it. The other is of my childrens names and dates of birth tho i can’t really get that done till after December .
I have folders full of designs i want on me .

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Next I’m getting a heart locket on my forearm + a skeleton key with wings.. and the quote “amor est vitae essentia.”

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I know, it drives me crazy…we just found this amazing design for my partner’s full back tattoo

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir My partner was booked for her 1st tattoo, she will have to wait now till after the baby is born . Then she can get it and hopefully more , i have warned her they are addictive its hard to stop at one .

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@sandystrachan So true, they are so addicting

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Tattoos are so popular in the world today , yet people still tend to cross the street or offer the job to the lesser qualified person rather than the tattooed better person for the job . Why is it still like this the majority of people with tattoos are not thugs , but yet are still perceived as thugs .

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Yup, I have one that I got about 9 years ago and have never regretted it for even a second.

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I want to get one but I am chicken!!! low pain threshold, but I want a geko on my shoulder, I figure that if it hasn’t sagged in 64 years it probably isn’t going to so it will be a safe spot for one.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Great work, beautiful color!
Got my first one at 50 after many friends and family members had lots of beautiful art done.

I have a lightning bolt on my left hip. Hubby is an electrician. It sort of looks like the Chargers Logo.
Loved having it done, love looking at it.

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@Skippy that does sound meaningful, how great and thanks

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@NuclearSnail I’m 38 and I still love the dolphin tattoo that I have on my ankle! :)

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir My gosh, that is an amazing tattoo on your back. So intense. It reminds me of cesarean art.

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I have a small tattoo that I got in college, quite a few years ago, and I still like it. I can’t imagine not liking it. It’s on my shoulder blade and is easy to keep hidden. It also has meaning for me—it’s the Shawnee sign of the four winds. I have Shawnee ancestry from my mom’s side of the family, not that you’d know it from looking at me (I have my dad’s red hair and freckles). For me, it’s the perfect tattoo. I love seeing some of the more elaborate things people have done though.

My husband, at age 16, got drunk with some friends and had Speedy Gonzales tattooed on his thigh. It didn’t take long for him to regret that one.

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@jonsblond Well then that just goes to show that you truly thought out you choice when you first got the tattoo, which I admire you for. =)

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I have three. Two of them I love, one I am having removed. Tacky or not, ugly or not, scars or disfigurement or not, tattoos are a personal decision. Not everybody likes everything, and its probably a good thing that life is that way. I effing hate rap music and people that wear their pants so far down their body that their freaking underwear shows. But some people think that isn’t tacky (or stupid or effing retarded) at all. Some people think that it’s cool.

Life is about choices, your results may vary.

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@casheroo it was intense to get it, :)

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I love all five of my tattoos. They are all meaningful to me, they each represent something. I would never be able to walk into a tattoo parlor and pick something off the wall. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I suppose, it’s just not for me. I don’t regret my tattoos and when I feel the need will get another one.

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I have three tattoos, a big one on my right ribs and two on my wrists. I barely ever see the one on my ribs(except when I shower or change clothes), but it is my favorite one. I love the other two too. I wouldn’t change a single thing about them, they’re all amazing.

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Eh. I got a spider on my right forearm. Its too small for me to like or dislike

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