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What do you think of the KWML personality test?

Asked by rexpresso (922points) June 14th, 2009

I’m passionate about this test King/Warrior/Magician/Lover — — and would like to read your opinions on it. I just feel like it is so accurate and has so much potential. I’m starting to use it to find the best business partners, namely, and it’s become clear to me already that I am not attracted to people whose personality overlaps with mine. Also, I’ve invited a few happy couples to do the test, and the happiest most fulfilled ones, are each the polar opposite of the other. Give it a go, share with friends, etc… and let me know what you think. By the way, it is also on Facebook — — but it you do the test here you won’t be subscribed to Dr. Paul’s newsletter that I really really recommend.

Oh and I am a Lover, on this test. 38% Lover, 31% King, 23% Warrior, 8% Magician. Sometimes I’m more extremed to the Lover side. Never been anything else than Lover in various goes at the test.

And NO, this is not spam and I have nothing to gain with promoting this — actually I tried to partner with them in doing a version of this in my language, and other stuff… but nope, I am just a regular user of the tool, albeit a very passionate one.

I hope you like it at least just a little bit as much as I do :-)

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Is there anyplace to take it where you don’t have to sign up for something or allow your information to be used ? I’d be curious—the diagram with the quadrants looks very much like a social styles inventory I took once at work—but I am not interested in giving someone else my e-mail address and the content of my responses.

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I just had a play with it, running several different profiles through and checking the responses. Basically I think that it is a crock. It is very flawed.

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I got Warrior as my dominant personality trait and I don’t really think it’s accurate. While I am extremely opinionated and protective of those I care for, I personally feel that the Lover would more accurately portray my dominant personality. The Lover was listed as the second most dominant, though.

If you’re interested in these kind of tests, I highly recommend taking the Jung personality test. It is the most accurate personality test that I have ever come across and I’ve seen nothing that is able to more accurately describe what kind of person I am, in every aspect imaginable.

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@Jeruba but I am not interested in giving someone else my e-mail address and the content of my responses.

Just use or similar. It still works. I never give a real email address.

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Out of curiosity, and in view of Jeruba’s concerns, I have just run through a test again using a throwaway gmail address. Within seconds I got spammed with a “How to Get any Woman and have success in any career” offer. It used the phony name I entered in the test and the new address.

the spam came from:

Dr Paul Dobransky, M.D.
Mystery Industries, LLC.
PO Box 1621
Arvada CO 80001
United States

(I had to turn my spam filter off to get it.)

This Dr Paul Dobransky, M.D. is supposedly a board certified Chicago Psychiatrist.

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Most of the questions had me looking for answers not listed. I rated 38% King. I’m not buying it.

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61.5% Lover

That’s me!

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While I could not really identify with most of the options given, the result was quite fitting.
(of course, since there are only 4 possible outcomes, and some of the options had to fit and those who barely fit would also push me in a certain direction, that is not really surprising after all)

All in all, I have seen better.

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It pretty much described me!!

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I just took it, and the results were dead-on for me. I am a warrior at work and in school (I’m just finishing up a doctorate… I’m guessing all of us have a lot of warrior in us), but at home, I definately a lover. Those were my top two, and they were pretty close, numerically. As I see it, that means I’m pretty much the opposite of myself. It picked up on my multiple personalities! How impressive! ;-)

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Ok for those of you that worry about giving their real email — or are two of my recommendations; they give you a forward to your real email address, that remains hidden.

@DarkScribe what do you mean flawed, can you give some substance to that or is it just a feeling you have?

@DrasticDreamer, it doesn’t sound strange to me what you describe. Can you tell me your percentages? I love the MBTI test, yeah, I know very well what you’re talking about and thanks for mentioning it!

@DarkScribe: you have not been spammed, because by definition spam is unsolicited email. It was very clear above the registration form that you were subscribing a newsletter, as in the screenshot: — and I also talked about the newsletter in my description. Just in case you didn’t notice :-)

@EVERYONE: Tell us what are you according to this test, don’t be shy — and please give your percentages too if possible, it’s good data :-)

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@rexpresso My percentages are: 46.2% Warrior, 30.8% Lover, 15.4% King/Queen, and 7.7% Magician.

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@rexpresso Welcome to Fluther!

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@rexpresso what do you mean flawed, can you give some substance to that or is it just a feeling you have?

Firstly, under Australian law I have been spammed. For a few years now we have had very tough anti-spam laws. A newsletter is not to be a concerted attempt to hard sell a specific item – that comes under false and misleading. The whole “newsletter” is a sales pitch. Not that it is of concern, I used a throwaway address.

As for the rest, the test is too simplistic to build any sort of valid profile – it requires far more depth than the handful of questions asked, plus it does not offer enough choices in responses – several of them I had no valid choice. Any genuine psychological evaluation will require far more detailed analysis and much more choice in response. I can recall some of the tests we used during my psych course and they were about twenty times as long. And they provided only a starting basis – nothing truly definitive. This is more like the pop astrology or numerology responses, a little bit designed to appeal to everybody and nothing too offensive in a negative sense. Not real at all.

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@rexpresso what do you need this data for?

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I’m skeptical of these sort of tests, although we use Marcus Buckingham’s Strengths Finder test at work to profile how people approach work and situations. Experientially, the Strengths Finder assessment of me is dead-on, both for work and personal interests. Everyone on my team feels their assessment fits them well.

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@DarkScribe, thanks for your telling comments. I thought I had to give a real address to get the results. From what you say, I wouldn’t bother. It’s just a come-on for instant spam.

@rexpresso, this is not to say there’s no useful information there. Whether it’s one of the personality schemes that place everyone in the red, blue, or green corner or an axis with Driver and Analytic on one dimension and Expressive and Amiable on the other, or any other four-quadrant model, there is something to be learned from them about others and ourselves. Anything that makes us think about our traits and behaviors and how they interact with those of others can teach us something. You can even get wisdom from a fortune cookie. The thing is, it’s still up to you to do the work of introspection and personal inventory and figure out how to use the information.

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It said:

“What a blend! Your personality is dominated by two related KWML traits. 30.8 Magician 30.8% Warrior…”

I am not quite sure what to make of that.

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I’ll go with @DarkScribe on this, most of these online tests don’t allow for enough variation (like one would get from an actual psychiatrist) and most are probably created by high school dropouts still living in their Mother’s basement. I will remember to use a fake email address next time though. What does warrior and magician even mean in the real world anyway?

Rather than set answers, multiple choice or whatever, it should give you the option to place actual physical/psychological attributes that fit you. Of course, that would take much more bandwidth, and skew the pre-digested results that these flawed sorts of tests allow.

These things are about as meaningful as newspaper horoscopes, reading tea leaves, or fortelling the future with chicken entrails.

I took a 700 question psychological test to get my security job, and it was easy enough to pick out the answers that would have sent up a red flag. I think I had to change some of my answers on a couple questions (nothing too terrible, but odd enough to be taken wrong out of context) to avoid flagging the system.

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I’m a warrior – it fits me okay, the description
but meh, so can the others

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Took it, reminded me of a Cosmo test. Anything that compares you to celebrities is aiming at the lowest common denominator.

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Ok, to take this a little further (and have a little fun) here are my results.

Look out, Michelangelo—You are predominately a Lover!

You also possess aspects of the Magician, Warrior, and King/Queen personalities and your complete personality profile can be described as 38.5% Lover, 23.1% Magician, 23.1% Warrior, and 15.4% King/Queen.*

Creative, intuitive, and deeply caring, your mind and spirit are open and capable of expressing deep meaning in the world. You represent the artists and nurturers of society—the romantics, the insightful poets and writers, the musicians and painters, the fools who make us laugh with joy—and your gifts of art and mystery resonate powerfully.

While nurturing like a King and Queen, and artistic like a Magician, you sometimes lack the ability to speak up and stand your ground, and have a tendency to be passive and introverted.

Now no one here really knows me, but I have been around for a few weeks, so some might have an inkling or two. Does the summary sound like me?

Do I “lack the ability to speak up and stand my ground”, do I seem “passive and introverted”?

I’ll leave it to whoever is interested to make up their mind.

Here is the online result

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@DarkScribe, that’s exactly what I got! Same percentages exactly.

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I got halfway through the test and found it lacked enough responses to be genuine. So I simply stopped. If there isn’t an answer that fits me, I’m not going to pick the next best one, that’s not how I roll.

And yeah, @DarkScribe you are the most mousy and wimpy guy on Fluther. You never stand your ground, you always run and hide with your tail between your legs at the slightest bit of provocation. :-)

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@DarkScribe You really need to speak up more! ;)

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@jonsblond DarkScribe You really need to speak up more! ;)

Can’t. I am consumed with passivity and introversion. Things are getting darker… I think that I am disappearing inwards. I might never find my way back to the light.

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@DarkScribe that explains the dark glasses your avatar is wearing.

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@DarkScribe, but I can see the resemblance to Johnny Depp…

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@PandoraBoxx I think he looks more like the boat captain from the first JAWS movie.

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The glasses must be hiding the squint…

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@PandoraBoxx but I can see the resemblance to Johnny Depp…

Johhny Depp? Was it the scissors that gave it away?

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36% King or Queen
21% Motherly
14% Warrior
29% Magician

I’ll return when I know what my husband’s results are :P

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@DarkScribe Those scissors would have been useful fighting off that shark!

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@evelyns_pet_zebra I think he looks more like the boat captain from the first JAWS movie.

Well I spend a lot of time at sea and I do have a cap that says “Captain” on it.

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@jonsblond thanks!

@Simone_De_Beauvoir, just some evil data-mining… now seriously, I am interested in this data to know with whom do I wish to make deeper conversation to get in depth regards the results of the test. For study purposes. I like this test.

Guys… it’s 5:30 AM over here, my mind is running out of power. I just want to say that I see a lot of interesting contributions (to me in particular) and also a lot of unfounded affirmations thrown upwards, apparently to see who will grab them. Subjective comments are great, but affirmative comments about something without any prior research (obvious by the affirmations) is just lower quality imho.

I’ll be back tomorrow and I hope you keep giving this test a fair chance. Use if you don’t want to be “spammed”. If you want to give me the benefit of the doubt, what I can tell you is that I never purchased anything — pirated a fair share though, and would pay for it if i could — and every single week the newsletter contains great (great!) material. Gourmet food for thought, to say the least.

I suggest that pessimism aside and without taking my word or anyone else’s as gold, you put the test to the test by testing couples. Try testing very happy couples. Try testing not-so-happy couples. Actually, try testing twin brothers or sisters — that’s a very interesting one.

ZZzzzzzz :-)

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Smells like more spam to me.
Call me a pre-emptive magician ninja of more crap in my inbox.

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I won’t be spammed because I used the Facebook link.

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God I’m Bi-Polar…..

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The questions seem somewhat vague, yes, but what it comes down to is that kwml is more valid than any test I’ve ever come across in my life. Myers-Briggs is way too specific to be applicable in the real world, much like anything else you can find online that is of no help.

Also, if you’re above 30 chances are you’re well integrated and have a pretty good mix of at least three of the temperaments. You have to look at what you think you are at your core, despite having grown skills from the other quadrants.

You can’t deny that if you’re more the left brained type that you’ll have trouble maintaining any kind of relationship with a king or warrior without getting frustrated over “who’s right” most of the time, or “who’s the boss”, much like a lover and magician would have no sense of coordination or planning skills between them, at least not at heart.

The point is if you’re not with someone who’s at least partially your opposite, eventually you will wear each other down and be unhappy.

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OK I went for it. They called me Spartacus. A Warrior
38.5% Warrior, 30.8% Lover, 23.1% Magician, and 7.7% King/Queen.

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Doh! Spam already.

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It’s not spam. If you put in your actual email address you’ll get newsletters from dr. paul, so just put in a fake one. It’s what I did every time I took it. Really. Just type in and a fake name and it’ll let you take the test.

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Poor bob getting all that junk mail…

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I can see you’ve reached the highest echelon of maturity, and I award you my most prized banana sticker.

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