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Do you miss the Safari 4 Beta tabs?

Asked by DeanV (14216points) June 14th, 2009

I’m just saying this because i’ve been using the new version of Safari 4 for a while and I miss the tab placement from the beta. I just miss the screen real estate that it saved me on my 13” screen.

To add to that, I will say I am anxiously awaiting Google Chrome. And not just because of the tab placement.

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Anxiously awaiting what? Chrome has been out for a while.

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The first build for chrome for MAC. I have a mac and the only things out are public previews and developer releases. Not really any consistently usable browser.

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Oops, I forgot most Safari users are Macs.

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Safari for windows always sucks. I think apple releases it broken on purpose. The tab position was nice, copying chrome and all (that start page too)

Chrome FTW!

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I installed the update for my mac like 5 days ago and I was dreading restarting it so the effects could take place. I couldn’t find my charger today and the inevitable happened. I don’t like it that much. And to make things worse, I can’t get rid of the bookmarks bar, which I never use because the history button can’t be taken away (although the top sites button can be removed)

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I try not to use Safari on windows but I definitely prefer it over Internet Explorer. But that’s not really a competition.

Chrome FTW here too.

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Why couldn’t they just give you the choice of placement?

and what does “FTW” mean please?

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@mtl_zack – in the upper right there is an icon that toggles the book marks bar on and off. or view>hide bookmarks bar or shift+cmnd+b (if I understand you right when you say “And to make things worse, I can’t get rid of the bookmarks bar, which I never use because the history button can’t be taken away (although the top sites button can be removed)”

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@dverhey have you given “Stainless” a whirl yet? I haven’t, but I hear that until Chrome is ready for Mac’s that it’s a really great substitute that is based off of chrome.

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@Bri_L Thank you so much! It frees so much space :D

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@Mtl_zack – Here to help monkey man! And you may call me Lemur lad! Together we fight crime and fling poo!

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Personally I wasn’t a huge fan of the tab placement on the Safari 4 beta. Now that it’s out of beta I’m happy to see they went back down below the buttons.

Chrome does have some nice features. I like how the status bar is hidden unless some activity is taking place. Unlike other browsers where it is either all or nothing.

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I noticed they put the x there when a page is reloading and move the actively reloading animation to the left where as before you had to mouse over to find it. You couldn’t even add a button if you wanted.

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@Bri_L Oh no, the evil gorillas have taken Tarzan hostage! To the marsupial mobile!

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@Mtl_zack – Leap’n Lemors Monkey Man! You drive whilst I investigate my backside!

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i didnt like the beta tab placement. it is too far up there to reach quickly. i think its much better where it is now.

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I also prefer the full version of Safari. I didn’t like the tab placement in the beta.

I use Safari 99% of the time (on a Mac), Firefox otherwise – but I haven’t tried Chrome yet.

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I got used to the tab placement at the top. I also miss it being up there, but it’s not a huge deal to me either. It’s about 70 pixels lower so it’s really not a huge problem for me to adjust to. I’m glad Saft works for the new release again though. Fixes a few little annoyances I have with Safari like not remembering the tabs I had open when I quit it or it crashes.

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By the way, FTW means “For the Win”.

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I liked Safari for Windows a lot, and I used it for quite a while until I found out Firefox is hands down the best browser.

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