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Ladies, what's the best strapless bra?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23983points) June 15th, 2009

Since it’s starting to get all summery, I need a bra that I can wear with certain shirts, no straps. What’s the best one, in your opinion? I generally shop at Victoria’s Secret, so if you know of any good ones by them, let me know.

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I wouldn’t know (I’m a DD cup and strapless are out of the question) but wouldn’t the answer depend on how much weight you are tying to hold up without straps? I would think some are better than others for various sizes. Since you shop at Victoria’s Secret, I’ve always had great luck just going in and asking them to find me what I need.

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I can’t recommend one “best” any kind of bra because they’re so specific to each woman’s needs. I found my own favorite strapless bra at a non-chain specialty lingerie shop. If you live in or near any decent-sized city, you can find one. If you’ve never shopped at one, I highly recommend them. I find VS a little overrated and extremely over-priced. I think you’ll find that at a real lingerie store the prices are about the same, but the quality is a lot higher, the bras feel “new” a lot longer, and the attendants can help you find one that fits like a dream.

@juwhite1: I’m a DD, almost an E, and I can still wear strapless bras. You just have to find a really good quality one with a lot of support (see my advice to DrasticDreamer). It’s not the most comfortable thing in the world (the band will feel really really tight), but for a special occasion, I do it.

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Depends on your rack.
Which sucks, but it’s trial and error. VS has a bra that has like fourteen billion ways of moving the straps, that one is awesome for me.

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I’ve never been able to find one that could keep these puppies under control. I need the over an shoulder boulder holder, ha ha!!

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Mind if I just hang out here for a while?

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I have found both of mine at Target. I find both the quality and price are good. The ones with little rubber grips around the band stay up better.

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And would someone tell me what idiot (a man I assume) put the strap control in the BACK where you can’t adjust it while it is on?

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@chyna: I know, right? I have so many questions like that about bras!!! Like, why is the band always the tightest on the top and bottom? Why is there not even distribution of the pressure for maximum comfort? Arg!

I’ll tell you my secret as far as adjustibility of straps: I always try to bra convertible bras (you know, they can be normal bra, strapless, halter, whatever) and then I take the straps off, and put them back on “backwards”.

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@La_chica_gomela Good idea, but we should’nt have to redesign something that costs as much as bra’s do.

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@chyna: I KNOW! It’s ridiculous! The other stupid thing about the adjusters being in the back, is when you lean back, they poke into you! Who would want that?

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Is this question in any way related to the prior question: What keeps moths out of my old chest?

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@whatthefluther Don’t you have a wedding to get ready for?

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@chyna…uh, yeah, though my mind seems to be preoccupied with the private party following the ceremony…wtf

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I’ve got a small chest and have yet to find a comfortable strapless :(

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The men who design those hideously uncomfortable bras also make the mammograph machines with the sharp corners that dig into your armpits, as if it weren’t torture enough to have the girls flattened.

All that is necessary is to round the corners off.

I can’t even find a regular bra that is comfortable since my girls are slightly different sizes. Either the cup is too small or too tight.

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@lindseybree How big are your boobs? I’m a small D, so do you think it’d work for me?

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@DrasticDreamer: What’s a small D?

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@gailcalled I don’t really know. Haha! :) I’ve had my chest measured before so I knew the correct bras to buy and I’ve been told I’m a small D. There are some women who are also a D, but their boobs are a little bigger than mine. I can’t wear a C, because those are all too small.

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For reference, darling… I’m a full C. So, maybe my super straps bra would work for you? Check it out.

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@DrasticDreamer I’m a B; so I can only speak for myself. It wouldn’t hurt to try it on. I personally like the material because it’s not that silky kind that some of the VS bras are made out of that can make the girls sweaty. And it has silicone along the bottom edge, so that helps to keep it from slipping.

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I haven’t found a good topless rib cage is too small and my boobs are too big. how bout we just don’t wear bras

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@Facade Because at a certain time/age, they aren’t attractive hanging down to the top of your pants.

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@gailcalled Next time I buy a bra I’ll tell them I’m a D- and see what kind of bras they recommend. ;)

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@DrasticDreamer : Try C+ also.

Because of a lumpectory, one of my girls is a B+ and the other a C. You think you have trouble finding something that fits?

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@chyna someone is attracted to low hanging boobies :)

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hehe… boobs

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Um, I’m pretty sure that most bra designers are women. At least, that’s what most of the bra TV specials that Virgin America plays for me say. I mean, really, what a drag, flying around and being subjected to all that cleavage for a few hours. So boring. I’ts too bad you can’t change the channel on the flight.

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I’ve yet to find the confidence to wear a strapless bra. I’m just so scared it’ll slip down. So sorry @DrasticDreamer, I have nothing to recommend. But I am interested in the answers here, so thanks for asking the question.

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@shrubbery: You should give it a try! Like one of the other answerers mentioned, look for one with little rubbery bits on the inside, make sure it’s properly fitted, and you’ll be fine! If you’re not 100%, you can get a convertible bra, and have it in case you ever feel like wearing it as a strapless.

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@andrew Seems like you were paying the utmost attention to that special. So good of you.

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I’m a DDD, and I have found a strapless bra by Maiden Form that works really well for me. Frederick’s of Hollywood also makes GREAT bras (though you do have to sift through semi- to very- trashy lingerie and stripperwear), and I have had really good luck with stick on bras (not pasties: the kind that have full cups).

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onGossamer makes a really good strapless bra, that supports AND stays up, and is pretty reasonably priced. You can find it at any department store. If you don’t mind spending some more money on great bras (and live in LA), the salespeople at Footsie in Santa Monica know their stuff, and will suggest the right bras. The ladies at the Saks lingerie department are pretty good too. It really helps to go to a place where they can do a proper fitting, and the staff are knowledgeable. Also, a bra is one of those things where it’s worth it to pay more. There is usually (tho not always) a HUGE difference in quality.

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Well, strapless is always good in my mind and eye..

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VS is having the semi-annual sale right now, so if your still looking you can get good stuff cheap :)

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