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Ladies, how often do you buy new bras?

Asked by anniereborn (13845points) December 16th, 2014

I just went to get re-fitted after about 6 years. I got two new bras (they are so expensive for us “full figured” ladies). Previous to this, I think my last new bra was about 2 years ago, and the rest are more like 5 years old.

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Not that often. I usually wear them until they are falling apart because they are expensive. I just went several years without a new bra, then I found these. I bought three this summer and I love them. They are comfortable and affordable. That’s all I need.

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Once in a blue moon. Also doesn’t help if you need a hammock instead of a bra! I have also bought a few of the ones @jonsblond refers to. Not the greatest support for Himalayan-breasted individuals but comfortable and affordable!

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About every 5 years I buy one or two. Once in a great while I might have to buy an unexpected one for a particular dress or top.

I’m just at a point of getting too big for my bras having gained weight. If I lose it like I hope to I won’t need new bras, but if I don’t I’m going to have to give in and buy a couple of new ones.

The exception is when I worked for a bra company. Back then I bought more, but still not a lot of them. I only worked for them for two years and I bought maybe 6 total. I still have all of those bras today from 12–14 years ago. Only two are on their last legs. Working for the vendor you get them for 40% off of cost. So a $60 bra would cost me $18.

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I may buy a bunch at a time if I find some that I like. When the ones I have start not looking their best, I will pick up a few. I’m 38C, so it’s not hard to find my size and they’re not extra expensive. I just bought a bunch, maybe 4 or 5.

I used to buy something similar to the ones @jonsblond has. I like one that is not padded, no foam, just more sheer yet maybe with a wire, maybe not.

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I probably buy two bras a year – I buy two of the same exact bra, one black and one white. They’re about $50 each, so it’s not so bad.

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I buy them when I see one I like that’s a good price. I like pretty underwear so I tend to buy because I find a pretty one in my size more than for practical reasons.

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@livelaughlove21 White not nude? You wear white under white t-shirts?

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@JLeslie. I don’t wear white t-shirts. If I wear a white top, I have a cami between it and my bra.

I also don’t think “nude” colored bras are any less visible under a white top than a white bra. I’ve yet to find one that it actually the color of my skin.

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Nude definitely disappears under white, unless the nude color is very far from skin color as you mention. White under white you usually see it. Some people like to see it. Some people wear lace under t-shirts, because they like “pretty” bras. We recommend smooth, nude, no seams, no lace, full cup coverage, unless the person wants to see the bra. Personal preference. There is no real right or wrong.

There is usually two shades of nude/beige made by better bra manufactures and also a brown that is nude for darker skinned people.

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“We recommend smooth, nude, no seams, no lace, full cup coverage, unless the person wants to see the bra.”

Who is we?

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We, the women who measure and sell bras. I used to anyway.

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Not very often.

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