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Which keep "secrets" the best..if any?

Asked by lady4life (234points) June 15th, 2009

No one?

Your opinion

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Dogs, always dogs win on this one . . .

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Dead people.

Sometimes dogs let a secret spill without meaning to (so that’s where the cat food has been going to? Who knew he could reach it up there?)

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<nodding emphatically with Kayak8>
oh wait Darwin is right too. That Bush bean dog is trying to spill the beans on a secret recipe. Agreeing with Darwin too.

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Politicians keep their own secrets the best. Lovers keep each others secrets the best. No one else keeps secrets… not even dogs. I’ve seen lots of dogs (very sadly) give away their masters secrets when they cower at the master who beats them in private. At least with liars, when they tell your secret, they get all the facts wrong, which gives you wiggle room to squirm back out of the hot seat!

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Inanimate objects work quite well.

^^Do you have to have an animal avatar to answer this thread?

lady4life's avatar your answer..2 funny!

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@jeffaoldblumsprivatefacilities..excellent point..I agree

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@lady4life: Psst, you don’t have to type out the full name when replying, a drop down menu should appear after typing @ and you can choose who to direct your comment to, avoiding typos that prevent the proper link from being written. And, you can replay to more than one person per post, on top of being able to edit your previous reply for 5–10 minutes.

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@asmonet Thanks for that tip! I was just about to ask… I’m obviously new around here!

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@asmonet..thanks so much..I am new here..trying to get the hang of things!

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Holders of top-secret classified clearances though there have been some notable slips due to greed or philosophy/political views.

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You’re both welcome. :)

I should add, you have to refresh to view the edited reply. When viewing a heated debate for a really silly thread it’s helpful to refresh a few times while you’re there. I’m particularly bad at editing things after I post. I can’t stop it’s how my mind edits.

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Who keeps secrets best?

You will never know. If you think about it you will realise that you can only know about those who can’t keep secrets.

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I feel the need to answer just because I have an animal avatar.


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I say only the ones who truly understand WHY it is a secret. Those are the ones who keep them best.

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Your use of ‘politicians’ and ‘liars’ was redundant.

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I have found that men gossip just as much if not more than women. So, it’s hard to say on that one. Never tell a kid a secret because they will tell it at the most inopportune time. I’m a pretty good secret keeper-I’ve learned that if you blab everything you know, no one will tell you anything anymore. I just try to listen and keep my mouth shut.

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The person with the secret should keep it best. Just don’t tell anyone anything, ever. The secret will be safe.

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I do.

I have kept secrets for ages, the oldest for 45 years and counting…......

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@YARNLADY – Just because a bunch of folks with cameras try to get the dead to ‘fess up, doesn’t mean the dead will talk. The dead are better at staying quiet than the living anytime.

Besides, they lie .

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Dead pirates. They tell no tales.

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dogs?! my dog is always the first to give me away when i play hide and seek! they suck at secrets!

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I was an adult before I learned that one of my older cousins was half sister to a prominent member of our community. When I taxed my mother with it, she said (a) you didn’t need to know; and (b) they disliked each other. There is a lot of stuff about my parents’ generation that will be lost because they will not tell us everything. About a great aunt, long deceased: “She was a wild one,” says my mother. And refuses to give any details. All I know about this aunt is that when my father had blackwater fever as a young man (long before I was born), she came all the way from Tunapuna and took him home to treat him. We children always had the impression that she came with a cart – more probably a horse and carriage.

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