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Letting go of a good thing. What was something that you considered a "good thing", and sadly, you had to let it go?

Asked by Jude (32162points) June 15th, 2009

I just came back from dinner/drinks with a close friend (who, this past year had fallen in love with me). We gave it a try, but, the romantic feelings weren’t there for me. I love her to death, though. It’s like the emotional is there, but, the romantic isn’t and I just don’t get it.

We have a true connection that we both feel is rare and it’s been there from the moment that we met each other.

We finally, after having given it a chance, decided that we both have to move on. It cried because I love her.

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I don’t know. But I wish you the best. :)

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Darn near every physical activity I loved but can no longer do: motorcycling, white water river rafting, salmon fishing, driving, walking, standing… But, there is lots I can still do and I’m grateful for those.

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Some people including family members that were toxic to my health and well being..negative energy!

I always felt family were suppose to be loyal and dedicated..I assumed they would love me because we are family..I was wrong..

They were “good” in teaching me to let go of them

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Playing football with friends.
We would play 4 games a year at the local park, which was a muddy mess. The Turkey Bowl (Thanksgiving), the Mud Bowl (Christmas), the Toilet Bowl (New Years), and (embarassed I can’t remember the name) on Superbowl Sunday.
Always a good crowd. Always came home sore and muddy.
I broke a few ribs in one Turkey bowl, and didn’t play again till the next Turkey game. When I played, I found myself protecting myself from injury, rather than playing the game. I realized that with a job, family, mortgage, it might not be a good idea to go on benefits again (I was off for 3 weeks, and working light duty for 3 more).
I hated not playing anymore. I still miss it.

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The fact that my sons will never be little again. I miss the times when they could sit in my lap and cuddle. Now they are both taller than me and can pick me up! Of course I get to enjoy the young men that they are becoming but I do miss the younger years.

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I completely agree. My kids don’t understand how I can miss them if they are still here, but they were so much fun when they were little.

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@filmfann I’m going to be a blubbering mess when they move out.

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The party life and one night stands.

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The “tribe” of friends I had in HS, however, some still manage to cling on.

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This amazing dream job I, basically, talked my way into.

Senior designer for this company that handled most of the events for Boston’s World Trade Center and Seaport Hotel.

Finally, we were doing an ice show in North Carolina and the owner (who was on site) never returned. She stopped paying us and disapeared for weeks. I heard she had a nervous breakdown.

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A really close girlfriend of mine got mad at me over something I thought was rather minor. I apologized over and over. I mean I really gave it my all to make things better, but she never accepted my apology. It was very hard for me, but I had to just let it go. I miss her terribly, but I finally realized there’s nothing I can do to make her change her mind.

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As I grow older, there are many good things I have to let go of. Right now, I am letting go of my diving. I used to be able to dive as much as I want. Now, the pounding on my heels makes it so that if I do more than three dives a day, I’m going to end up in pain. I hope to lose weight, though, and perhaps be able to do more dives in a day.

I have also, recently, had to let go of my old concept of my identity. It was very confusing.

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is there anyone on this site who’s not gay?

I had to break up with my last girlfriend due to distance. It was either her or my daughter, and I obviously picked my daughter. She had a similar choice to make.

I did not take a good job in Brazil. I gave up a good life in Poland. And an even better life in Germany (though it had gone sour, which was why I left). Can’t think of any others right now. But I’m sure we all have to make hard choices like that sometimes.

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A boyfriend who I loved and taught me how to be myself. I miss him terribly, but I know that letting him go was the right thing for both of us to be truly happy, and not just floating through life somewhat happy. <sigh> still hard though :)

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I fell in love with a person who pretty much lost every bit of stability they once had. They couldn’t afford to support my obligations and for me to stay with them would have put those responsibilities in jeopardy so they sent me on my way and asked me to let them go in Peace. Had I been completely free, I would’ve fought side by side with them to rebuild but that wasn’t an option. It’s painful to know their movements and to try and wish them well.

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Yes. My babies.

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