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Do you use the search option on your Fluther?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) June 16th, 2009 from iPhone

I’ve used like 3 times only, how about you?

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I use it when I want to check to see if a question has been asked recently.

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I use it nearly every day, sometimes twice a day.

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I think I used it about three times today. But most days, I don’t use it.

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On the rare occasion I am going to ask a question, yes. I use the search option. Other than that, it’s a rare thing, but sure – from time-to-time I do use the search option.

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I’ve used it on a few occasions that I can remember. For the times I don’t remember using it, it was probably more often.

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I’ve only used it for searching for a question before I ask one. I made the mistake of asking a recently asked question on about my second day of Fluther…it’s a mistake I never made again.

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I use it now and then. Sometimes to look up old questions or if I have a question myself. I do my best to not ask a question that has been asked within the past three months or so, but then I haven’t been asking as much lately.

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