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I see how to look at the questions each individual has asked (click on their name), but is there a way to look all of one person's answers?

Asked by helena (239points) August 9th, 2007

Some people consistently say really interesting things!

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I've been curious about reading other people's answers as well... especially when I see that some have provided literally hundreds of answers! 8-)

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Try googling "blabber-mouths." We, the logorrheic, may show up :-)

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If you want a really inconvenient method, try googling the person's username and site:fluther .com. Like this. Sorry gail, I used your username as an example.

But yeah, it would be cool if Fluther itself supported this.

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Great balls of fire, as someone (Little Richard?) once said. That was a shock, speaking of running at the mouth. I am afraid to check pps. 2-10. Talk about wasting air space.

@Bob; I am honoured, choux.

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Well, I am now immortalized on 74! Google pages because of Fluther. That should get us world peace or a cure for cancer :_D. Is that necessary or worthy of taking up space? Not by me...since everything is already on Fluther,

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No i don’t think so !! sorry ! =0

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