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What was on your mind, today?

Asked by wundayatta (58591points) June 16th, 2009

I was thinking about the funding for my job. It’s been saved for one year, but what about the next? We haven’t had much business this summer, either, so maybe we’re redundant.

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This evening I had my second date with someone I met very recently. So that pretty much dominated my thought process.

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I need to switch rooms in my house. Luckily I only have computers, clothes, bed, and TV stuff. It should be a easy move.

Oh, and my crazy neighbor complained about the kids using sidewalk chalk in front of his house. I washed it off and he came back a few hours later and start screaming. He is a crazy old man. Fucked up thing is I spend a few hours every week helping him out around his house. (well, I did, not anymore)

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Well right now I’m worried because I always talk to a friend at this time and he hasn’t showed up yet he might just be out with friends but it’s late :(

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I’ve been thinking about….How I might drop out of college again. How I hate living with my parents. How I’m broke with no job. How I need to see a doctor but am tired of their bullshit. How I’ll probably be up until 5 am again tonight because I’m out of Ambien. How much being away from my babe sucks. How I’ll be sweating for the next two weeks because I’m too fat for my shorts. How this house never has anything marginally good or healthy to eat. How I really like my new toothbrush.

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Nothingness, like this…..:)
I want to phone my mother, find out how my friend is doing after a bypass. How long the housework will take because I want to go down to a nursery and look at some plants.
I need to get my son a new rugby jersey and wondering if I should take a whole chicken out the deep freeze.
I am content and happy this morning…

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I’ll give you a hint: It’s hot, sweaty, intense, involves expelling of bodily fluids, makes you moan, and sometimes it’s dirty.

So yeah, I couldn’t get war off my mind all day.

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@Elumas -What a way to cheer someone up

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For the third time in the last week, I tried to talk to an advice nurse at Kaiser, and failed. Either I can’t get through at all, like Monday when their website was down, or the phone goes dead, or my dog starts barking and I have to hang up. It’s nothing serious, but my doctor is on vacation, and I would like to talk to them.

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Well, on June 16th was my 28th bday, so I was pretty excited with my hubby’s present, my nokia e63, beautiful flowers, and of course, a hug and a kiss! Oh! And the upcoming upgrade tomorrow LOL!!!

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about how my dad has been yanked out of service to his original family by his new wife, their new son and her daughter of a previous marriage and how, despite the fact that when they visit us we call my step sister and invite her over, when they visit her they don’t tell her and she says “I can’t get together I have ‘family plans’”.

That sucks.

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I’m in a familiar small mountain town for a couple of days and have relished the slower pace, pine scented air, and remembering once again how one could write a hundred novels based on its flaws and caricatures.

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I was thinking all day at work how I’d rather be at home finishing watching Season 3 of Dexter and knitting on the baby blanket I’m making for my friends baby shower.

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I’ve been thinking about the one I’m in love with. And contemplating why they won’t call.

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@JONESGH – (sigh) I hear you

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My badly leaking roof and the impending thunderstorm, my project at work, certification test that I took and am awaiting the results, a friend’s sudden move to another city, what I need to do to help my daughters over the next two weeks.

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How fortunate I am in the people who care about me and intertwine their lives with mine.

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@sccrowell and I picked up our marriage license this morning in preparation for our wedding scheduled for Friday, 9AM. It’s going to take every thing I’ve got to get us there on time (@sccrowell is late to everything).

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@whatthefluther – congratulations!!!! I am as excited as I can be for you!

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I’ve been thinking of how relieved i am i told a certain person off and how happy I am having it off my chest and that person not bothering me anymore.

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@2late2be Happy Birthday!

@whatthefluther Yay!

I’ve been really sick, and I think I’ve had about 6 hours of sleep in the last two days… my mind is just about mush. So much to do, and no energy to do it!

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I thought about how much I hated school, how much I was looking forward to the day being over, and how I’ve only started to think that this year and I’m ashamed to think it. But all I can think about is how I just need to get through the week, and if a test crops up I just need to be able to finish it at all let alone finish well. I thought about the things that I look forward to on the weekend, the things that get me through the week, and how I probably shouldn’t set so much store in these things because I am so often disappointed and then have nothing to motivate me to get through the week and fall into a pit of despair and just kind of go along without really paying attention and at the end of each day couldn’t really tell you what I did that day…
Yeah. Not a good day. Tomorrow will be better though, I’m sure of that.

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I thought about my range qualification coming up on Thursday where I have to fire my M-9, M-4, and the M-870 and wondering if I’ll be able to shoot straight enough to get an expert rating.

Then I thought about my wife leaving for Canada for 9 days, also occurring on Thursday, and wondering how I’ll keep busy while she’s gone. The whole place to myself for over a week – just imagine the possibilities.

I ended up thinking about how wonderful it is going to be to have a one pound Prime Rib steak for dinner tonight followed by coffee and Fluther time for dessert.

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I had a career chat with my boss. I was a bit nervous going into it, I didn’t know what to expect or what to say really. But my boss is a wonderful person, they made the process so easy and we developed some ideas and plans to work towards that make both of us happy. Yay :)

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I was thinking today, while swamped with work, systems crashing nationally left right and centre, emails flooding into my inbox, colleagues lining up to whinge about their computer problems about how happy, grateful and lucky i am to be working there! It was this time last year that i was working at a job that paid me half as much, worked twice as hard and with a whole bunch of absolute jerks… (and my boss today suggested a pay rise!)

When i got home, i ran upstairs to see my 3 month old twin nieces… while i was feeding one of them, she projectile vomited on my fresh pyjamas then looked at me and giggled. My only thought to that was at how beautiful and precious my family is to me.

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Wondering how my son and daugter-in-law and two week old grandson are doing since I left. Also, what sandwiches to make for a picnic supper!

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I’m thinking about cover letters, the job hunt, salaries, how much daycare costs, how I hate health insurance companies, the Food Stamp office; I was wondering how we’ll finance my partner’s MBA and LEED cert, I am wondering about cats and kittens and paint and curtains and toys; I am thinking about having to go to the dentist and applying for to be an HIV prevention Partner

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Our annual vacation to northern Wisconsin is coming up in 4 weeks and I don’t know how we are going to pay for it. Our oldest son goes off to college next year and I’d really hate to miss this opportunity to have what might be our last family vacation for a while.

@2late2be Happy belated Birthday!

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Credit card payment
Is this pregnancy test going to positive? (No, for the 4th month in a freaking row)
Father’s Day gifts
Doctor’s visit and thyroid testing
Vacation in 1.5 mo.
$900 for certification exams

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@ubersiren will you let me know about the pregnancy test,:)?

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I’ll let everyone know if/when it happens!

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After hearing “All Nightmare Long” by Metallica, I started thinking about the Tunguska Event, on which the video of the song was based. Thinking about the meteoroid air burst changed over to thinking about the Tsar Bomba and how the world will either be destroyed by weapons like this, or by a doomsday meteor.

But seriously, why does the world need 57 megaton bombs?

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My benefit year for unemployment insurance ends in a couple of months and I’m trying not to panic, because I haven’t found work yet.

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I was thinking about my grandmother. She died Friday and yesterday was the funeral. I thought a lot about how much that woman loved life and lived it to the fullest every single day. She was 91 and it was a pretty amazing day. Later in the evening I spent a lot of time wondering how hard it is to get Cool Whip out of one’s hair. I am not talking about a dollop here and there, my hair was literally covered in Cool Whip. The day ended with over 25 people having an incredible, no holds barred pie fight – just the type of thing Grandmother would have wanted.

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@SuperMouse Now that’s a funeral!

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Should I take the blue pill ore the red pill?

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“One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small.”

Jefferson Airplane

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My acre of grass was just mowed so I can smell that wonderful aroma plus the scent of rugosa roses. A wild turkey trudged on by, a beautiful fox kit wandered across my lower drive way, Milo did NOT catch his daily mouse and leave it for me to step on, and a pair of Eastern bluebirds are carrying insects back to fledglings.

The dental work scheduled for tomorrow will not involve novocaine and I get a haircut on Friday. I survived having seen “Hangover” last night and was pleasantly surprised at the number of times I laughed. This Sunday I will take tickets and do the Box Office for our Film Club’s showing of “Sugar.”

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I was just thinking back to my first therapy session that was this morning. Such fun. Am pretty much drained from that. I swear that the therapist was playing Sudoku behind that pad of paper, though…

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Happy Birthday, 2late2be!

And, Auggie, I hope you feel better, girl.

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I am asking myself is there something else I suppose to be doing with my life..I stand at the fork in the road..struggling with my purpose

I am wondering how I can help others and still have income coming in..

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@lady4life what a tough and an exciting place to be
good luck

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How very, very lucky I am to be a dad.

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The fact that I need more work.

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@boots – ditto that my brutha!

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@SuperMouse I’m sorry for your loss, and glad you’ll have such awesome memories of her life and death.

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I’m wondering if I should go through with my Ss disability app, why after going to the doc for so long why I’m not better, what my 13 yr old doing (he is with his dad kinda far away), wishing I had more flowers plant, should I dig some up and move them around, why do I hurry to be alone, can my fingers take one more night of biting, maybe I should buy some weed for this weekends bonfire, did I shave both legs…

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Mmm these maltesers tast good, what a lot of marking I have to get through, I can’t believe I just spent £15 at my daughters school picnic, am I going to get a new job soon? What will I get for my birthday, must book my dentist and renew my library books, how am I going to get my dirty feet cleaned? I wonder how long it will be before my hubby complains that I am on here and not sat next to him on the sofa, ermm.. too much to do too little time!

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@SuperMouse – my sincere thoughts on your loss.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir..thanks for the positive energy sent my way!..

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@Blondesjon You told me it was that little black nightie I wore last night

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@jonsblond . . .this morning…and if you bring it up again it means we have better things to do than Fluther.

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@Blondesjon – I would think if she said that it would “bring it up again” hehe.

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since teh morning
someone woke me up at 10 in the morning (oh shit!!!WTF!), Fluther, TA(initials of the “guy”), IM, MSN, My friend, Money, money, sex, money, paycheck, paycheck, church, money, clothes, music, make-up, TA, TA, fluther, msn, church, fat, comment, I forgot, carne asada, home, computer, fluther, books, fluther lurve, TA, TA, TA, wrestling, Xcountry, track, COOKIES(TA), now muffins, I love you, (I can keep on going on….),
somewhere there I was thinking about a resume I have to print for an interview in the morning around nine for my new job

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It’s my birthday tomorrow and I have a really great day planned but, me bein me, can’t bring myself to acually look forward to it in case something goes wrong and it doesn’t end up happening.

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@Leanne1986 Happy Birthday! :D

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@jonsblond thank you very much :)

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i just switched into a different bedroom, and i’ve been working on it since my summer started – cleaning, painting, organizing, rearranging, etc – but it always seems like there’s so much left to do. so i’ve been thinking about how i really need to buckle down and get it done. also, i need to make an appointment for my senior pictures for school, but i’m absolutely dreading it.

@Leanne1986 happy birthday!

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Feeling hung over and wondering why I bother drinking. On the other hand today is my birthday and I’ll probably get blasted. =D

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@Link Happy birthday!

Yesterday: Am I dying? God, I can’t breathe. Gasping. Coughing. Crying. I can’t drive like this. How am I going to pick up the kids? How am I going to care for them all week? Call husband… maybe he can come home, get van, pick up kids. Gasping. Coughing. Crying. He insists he’ll come him pick me up, take me to doctor, then we’ll pick up the kids. I’m glad I married him.

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@Link Happy Happy Birthday <:)) PARTY!!

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@augustlan I hope you’re feeling better today. We got a temporary wire fence for the front yard. My Grandson, the dog and I are having a great time sitting out here in the perfect weather. There’s a hail/thunder storm about 50 miles East of here, so it’s windy, and we can see the dark clouds.

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Watching the cars—Am I far enough back in case of a sudden stop… If I’m like that all these people will pass me on the right and slip in front of me… what does that matter? I’ll get there about the same time anyway… are the kids hungry? Want lunch? Will we get home soon enough… zoo camp for my son tomorrow… will it rain? can we ride our bikes? What should I put in his lunch… oh god, gotta make dinner now…

Well, you get the drift…

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@Link happy birthdayyy!

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dad’s cancer, death, children

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Cak’s surgery.

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Cak was on my mind all day today, she still is as a matter of fact.

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Cak, cak, cak.

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(((hug))) to everyone!

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@jonsblond Back at ya, girlie. :)

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Funeral of a friend :( Birthday of neice (life’s vicious circle)

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I’m thinking about how nice it is going to be to visit the Grand Canyon on Monday where I can finally find some cooler temperatures at higher altitudes.

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