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Do you have a superstition you follow, even though you don’t really believe it?

Asked by wundayatta (58638points) June 17th, 2009

Not stepping on a crack on the sidewalk? Not telling people you are pregnant until the second trimester? Getting a teensy bit worried (or at least thinking about it and telling yourself it really isn’t true) when the mirror breaks or you see a black cat in front of you? Friday the thirteenth?

What is the superstition, and what do you think about when it happens?

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All of the above, really.

I also tap my windshield when going through yellow traffic lights, for luck.

Sometimes I cross my fingers. Or say a little prayer even though I’m not religious. There are a lot of little habits I keep up, though intellectually I understand that they don’t make much sense.

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Every now and then I still catch myself holding my breath as I pass graveyards.

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Sometimes I knock on wood. It’s not because I feel like I have to, though. In my opinion, following superstitions is a form of OCD.

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When I drop the salt shaker I immediately freak out thinking I will have bad luck forever. So I take some salt, put it in my hand, and whip it over my left shoulder so I can gain the luck back. I have no idea why I do it, to be honest. @DominicX I agree that following superstitions is a form of OCD.

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I knock on wood too. I also will not wear my Bronco sweatshirt when they play. They always seem to lose if I wear it the same day of a game. Silly isn’t?!

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Yup. Salt over shoulder and knocking on wood are 2 that I follow just for fun. I like to walk under ladders and open umbrellas indoors just for fun, as well as to freak people out.

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I don’t really have any thing I follow. I just don’t think about those things really.

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

@jonsblond They always seem to lose period.

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Hat on the bed. Sometimes I forget and quickly remove it, but the thought of leaving a hat on the bed and leaving the room leaves me aghast.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities I was waiting for that response! Sometimes I make it too easy. :P

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

@jonsblond Yeah, that was too easy. Good news though, no more Brandon Marshall! Time to celebrate!

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When I used to do theatre, never once did I utter the name of a specific play by Shakespeare (look, I still can’t say it) or ever wish anyone “good luck”. In fact, my mom still tells me to ‘break a leg’ when I have something important to do.

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Sometimes, I believe in God, but only when I need a personal savior.

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Knock on wood. Just to be safe.

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@jonsblond Especially wear that sweatshirt when the Raiders are playing.

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never put shoes on a table, especially new ones!

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I don’t know if it can be called a superstition per se. Even though I’ve been separated for over 3 years now and have an extremely bad relationship with my ex with no hope of getting back together, I’ve still kept my wedding ring. Most people think I’m still holding on to the marriage, but this could not be further from the truth.

For me it has transformed into my “magic ring”. It is a symbol of power, of the fact that I tried to do the right thing. It helps me focus on what is important, and during the day I sometimes wear it on my right hand, but after midnight I’ll put it on my left (and sometimes sleep with it). I can cast spells with it. Not the sort of silly little gimmicks you see in video games or films, but real powerful spells, that can shape the world around me.

Or at least that’s what I think.

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Well, I’ve learned about a bunch of new superstitions that people believe in. :S

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What are you talking about? Those are the only two games during the season when I do wear it. The Raiders have more problems than my sweatshirt could ever help them overcome.

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I knock my head for wood sometimes. That’s about it.

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If I don’t turn my bathroom light on and off thirty seven times a night, the international space station will plummet to Earth and destroy the Starbucks international headquarters.

On second thought, maybe I’ll skip it. Their shit is a bit pretentious and overpriced anyway. You’re welcome Seattle’s Best.

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I knock on wood.

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Whenever I place a bid on eBay, the amount always adds up to or contains one of my three favorite numbers: 9, 13 or 69. I successfully built several large collections via eBay, but rarely visit the site anymore (my home is already overfilled).

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I’m a wood-knocker. It’s not as dirty as it sounds.

If there’s no wood around, I tap my head.

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A few of the crazier ones from my family:
Never give the person you love shoes – cuz they’ll wear them while they walk away from you.
Never write the names of people you love in red ink, cuz it’ll curse them.
Never whistle at night. It brings out the snakes! haha.

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@LC_Beta I always kiss my finger and then touch the ceiling of the car when I run yellows. One of my friends in high school taught me to do it.
@MrMeltedCrayon I hold my breath when I pass a Hollister store. I think it’s to protect me from the death of Individuality (and of course the choking cologne smell).

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I am very superstitious person. If I spill salt I always throw some over my left shoulder. If a black cat crosses my path I turn my hat around three times, if I don’t have a hat on usually I don’t I just circle my hand around my head three times. Those are two I really follow regularly.

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The only superstition I have is guilt.

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I’m obsessed with certain superstitions, the ones that I pay most attention to are: Magpies, drains (ie: walking over 3 drains in a row is bad luck), finding coins on the floor. I even have a few suprsitions of my own. I know that they don’t really have any effct on what happens but they still crop up in my day to day life.

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@cyndihugs I have no idea where the superstition comes from? But apparently it is bad luck??

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@Leanne1986 I know I don’t walk over drains apparantly if you do you have to turn around 3 times to counter act it! I always pick up coins off the floor!!

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@sakura haha…my friends and family already think I’m weird for avoiding drains like the plague, wait till I start turning round 3 times!!!

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@sakura I only put new shoes on the table….

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i lift my feet over railroads, make wishes on 11:11 and stars and pink cars, and hold my breath in tunnels.

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i make wishes 11:11

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The first thing I say, at the very beginning of each month, is “Rabbit, rabbit”.

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@bea2345 How the hell do you remember to do that? I always forget it’s the first day of the month, and have never managed to be successful at saying that.

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@daloon Many nights I am still up at midnight. But even if I sleep all night, I frequently remember the first day of the month. Just one of those things, I guess.

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@bea2345 What is the significance of saying “Rabbit, rabbit”? I’ve never heard of it before.

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When we were small, the general belief that saying it first thing on the first day of the month, you got a present. I use it as a sort of charm.

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Touch wood.

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@Zen yep and if none around do you touch your head thats the one on you shoulders -for all you rude people out there!

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I have my ‘lucky’ t-shirt moments.

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@sakura I draw the line there.

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@Ruthi I usually have my “lucky” underwear moment :)

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@Ruthi it has a duckface on the front and the duckfeet on the back :)

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@cyndihugs CUUUUTE!!!!! ;)

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