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What is your favorite or the strangest combination fruit or vegetable you know of?

Asked by wundayatta (58693points) June 17th, 2009

For that matter, what is the name of a strange fruit that a lot of people probably don’t know about? This morning, my barista asked me if I knew what a mangosteen was. We both thought it was related to the mango, but it turns out that it isn’t. It’s its own fruit.

However, I started thinking about plumcots, and an article I read about a farmer in California who makes all kinds of combinations of plums and apricots, some 75% one and 25% the other, and in other ratios, as well. Pluot. Apriplum. I don’t know. Tangelos. Then there’s that combination, supposedly of asparagus and broccoli, but actually of a Chinese broccoli and the broccoli we’re used to – I think they call it broccolini.

At my farmer’s market, there’s an apple breeder. He is constantly experimenting with new combinations, and then, when he gets one he likes, he give it a provisional name. If it gets approval from the official apple organization, the name sticks, otherwise it’s just a number to them. Still, he can grow what he likes, even if it doesn’t get official approval, and he has some pretty nice fruit.

Would you combine an apple and an asian pear? A lemon and a grapefruit? An avocado and an artichoke? What would you name it?

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Have you experienced the durian yet? It was described to me a the fruit that smells like hell and tastes like heaven. It’s huge – about 5 pounds. I didn’t find the taste all that attractive, either….and the edible fruit part looks like and has the texture of a fetal pig.

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Not exactly what you’re talking about, but I thought I’d share simply because I find it disgusting: Grapple the apple that tastes like a grape.

Natalie Dee has a comic about it: Grapple Dee

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Bert and Ernie. those two fruits are made for each other.

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I would combine a pomegranate (my favorite fruit even before it became so popular) and a grape. So that hopefully the pomegranate would be easier to eat. Haha. And I would call it a pomegrape.

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Ok it’s not a fruit, but it’s fruit juice!
1/2cup oj (with pulp)
1/2cup grape juice
It’s a ugly color but so so good!

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In combination with things other than another fruit, one that I am fond of, is sliced apple with salt. You slice the apple, rinse it in a bowl of lime juice and salt it. Many people seem to find it strange – until they try it.

The other exotic fruit that I like, and I am currently surrounded with it, is Monstera Deliciosa (fruit salad plant). We have it growing all over the waterfront.

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I love lychees and rambutans, especially if they are frozen. I also love jaboticabas – they look like large purple grapes but have white flesh and grow directly from the bark of the tree. I do love very freshly picked Minneola Tangelos, and when I have had Pluots I have found them to be very nice. Durians are not my idea of bliss, even if I hold my nose, but I do like a number of other tropical fruits, including tamarind, guava, cherimoya, guanabana, and star fruit.

However, I learned a long time ago to never park beneath a chocolate pudding fruit tree (aka Black Sapote). However, the fruit is great to eat. It just looks so… nasty when a ripe one falls in a gooey mess on your hood.

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@DarkScribe…Try the lime juice and salt with sliced Jicama…tequila or cerveza to wash it down is optional, but I do them both.
@daloon…I remember trying broccoliflower (sp?) several years ago…looked like green cauliflower and was quite good. Snapple recently came out with a peach and mangosteen juice drink…it is delicious and refreshing.
@RedPowerLady…As with your pomegranate example, I’d love it if someone came out with something that tasted like artichokes but was easier to eat, although the effort is certainly rewarded in the end…or, make that the heart.

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@whatthefluther Oh ya I’d go for that one too! Artichokes are such a pain. But worth it in flavor. Just like the Poms.

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I do love apples in my salad. Especially if it has a balsamic vinaigrette.

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oranges in cole slaw has been the strangest combination I have tried…. its sounds weird but its really good

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You really couldn’t combine the two, but if you’re talking combinations, I adore mangoes and avocados together in guacamole or on a burger or anything. Yum!

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@samanthabarnum I adore mangoes and avocados together in guacamole or on a burger or anything.

I had a mango and avocado prawn (shrimp) sweet chili salad for an entree last week, in a local wharf-side seafood restaurant. It was gooood.

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@DarkScribe Oh, I hate you, that sounds amazing right now.

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Cherimoya—it is green and looks kinda of like an artichoke but smooth and it turns a light yellow to orange color as it ripens, It is soooooooooo gooood!

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Does its flavor remind you of anything else? What about its texture? It looks like it might be crisp, like an apple.

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The texture of a ripe and ready to eat Cherimoya is very much like a peach.

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@each and everyone of you that mentioned trees and their fruits, where could I personally obtain a starter for my yard?

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