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Do you think it's healthy to give up completely on the opposite sex?

Asked by joooon (215points) June 17th, 2009

I doubt I’ll ever find I girl who will like me, I have been trying but with no luck and feel like this is the end and I’m not ever going to bother again.

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Just a guess, but are you in your teens? Don’t give up, and hang in there buddy – it only gets better.

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it only gets worse.

i say, move to an island and die alone.

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Sure, When you don’t care they come running.

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It probably would be better if you focus on WHY girls seem to not like you and address them.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities, @eponymoushipster
Actually, it gets neither better nor worse – just different. Whether the change is for the better or for the worse is up to you.

Courage Wolf does not approve of your counter-productive input.
By the way. weren’t you going to bed just now?

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I have tried to work that out, I’ve still had enough and have given up completely.
I would like people to focus on is it ok to feel like this.

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@joooon maybe it’s your pushiness?

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To answer your question: I wouldn’t think is a good idea to give up on women completely, for the rest of your life, but then again I don’t expect you’ll stick to it anyway. I know I for one have blatantly disregarded various stupid rest-of-my-life decisions I made in my teen years.
If you think it’s for the best, I’d say just stop trying for the time being and see how you like that.

This is coming from a 22 year old who has never dated anyone in his life. I can’t tell you whether being single is just as much fun as being paired up, for lack of anything to compare my present life to, but I can tell you I’m not unhappy.
And of course, how you would experience being single is quite unrelated to how I experience it.

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Maybe, I feel like I have lost all interest in them, I find myself not even being attracted to them anymore, like I’m asexual.
I blank all girls I know, what I know I should do but I have bad feelings about all girls.

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you ”blank” them? in the “blank” or the “blank”?

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If you have no useful comments why bother helping?

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I say give it some time. See how your feelings unfold.

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@joooon i’m trying to figure out what “blank“ing a girl means.

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@joooon dude, seriously, what does that mean?

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Of course it is OK to give up on the opposite sex. You asked whether that feeling is OK, right? Trust me, anyone who has been having or trying to have relationships has felt that way at any given time.

You know what? Give up on them, search for other more interesting things in live and you become more interesting yourself as well.

And after a while, you may still (will likely) reconsider and get back in the game, right!? No worries…

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I agree with “whitenoise” and “Fyrius”
take a break from “relationships”
try to have a relationship free week(s)/month/year to let your batteries recharge, enjoy being single, after you feel better you may have a new look on how relationships can be formed/developed,

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It sounds to me like you may have your priorities out of order. If you are a friendly person, who is fun to be with, and can be a good companion to other people, then men and women will want to be with you. Among the people you meet, you might chance upon someone who prefers your company over all others. That is the most you can hope for.

If you are not friendly and comfortable with yourself, perhaps some personal counseling or classes in how to meet people would be a good idea.

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I think you might be trying too hard. When someone is in desperate need of being with someone, they might come off as needy or pushy. I think you should just take it easy. I was dateless for about two and half years and then out of no where, there he was. It’s when you’re not looking that someone special comes along. Be patient and stop looking so hard.

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I successfully fought off women for quite some time, but it drained my energy level so much, I finally completely gave up. And guess what? They are nothing like what I had feared. Actually, they are quite wonderful, and frankly, I like them all very much and have loved many. So, give up the fight…you will not regret it…wtf (I’m not cursing…those are my initials)

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When you stop “looking” and become content with yourself you will probably be surprised that they will be swarming all over you.

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@joon you’ll be fine eventually :)

unless you’re switching sides, your body just wont let it happen. sooner or later, you’ll see a girl and you’ll want her.

also, from my own experience and what i’ve seen the older a woman is, the less she plays hard to get. useful to keep in mind

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@joooon well if you’re ignoring girls, they’re gonna ignore you right back.

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I dont think its healthy to give up on anything that comes naturally… though it sounds more like here that you are giving up on yourself and finding happiness with another!
People come into our life for a reason, whether or not it is as a friend, a partner, a lover or a mentor, and there is not much you can usually do to stop them – or even attract them.
Best thing you can do is put all of your efforts into liking yourself, and finding yourself, its you who completes you. Do not force yourself into a relationship because that is what everyone else is doing.

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Yes! Definitely give up on the opposite sex. Why frustrate yourself? You’ll be alone all your life. They’re NEVER gonna want you, so long as you fail to address the reasons.

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You’re trying but not succeeding? What was that old bromide? “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again?”

Are you a quitter? If so, give up. Otherwise, don’t. Keep on trying. It is highly likely that, if you keep on trying, eventually you will get what you’re looking for.

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I’m mentally out on energy to carry on, I feel broken down.

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This, too, shall pass.

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