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How to determine and sort my internal multi card reader?

Asked by sandystrachan (4417points) June 17th, 2009

Everytime i enter a card into a slot and click on the drive in <my computer> all it does is freeze , until i pull the card out it used to work . Is there a way i can find out what reader i have and if there is something wrong with it , i have went into properties but it doesn’t give names and says its working perfectly .

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Normally, these types of readers are driven from a universal driver that is part of the OS you have installed on your computer. You didn’t give enough details of your computer to really further help you. Are you running windows and what version? Does it freeze with any memory card? Can you read that card on other computers through other adapters?

If you are running windows, most often you can rightclick on “my computer” and choose properties and then continue to “device manager”. In device manager make it sort on connection and look in your USB connected devices. It might also be under a question mark.

Once you found the device you may remove it and then have the computer scan for new hardware. That may solve the issue.

If you feel uncomfortable with removing items from the device manager, please contact a knowledgeable friend or your supplier. Alternatively, update more info here.

Please don’t do things to your computer you don’t understand. For about ten bucks you can buy an external device that will most likely work w/o any further hastle. :-D

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