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How do you overcome fear and nervousness?

Asked by minolta (328points) June 18th, 2009

what is your way of dealing with being nervous?

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Just do it! The more you think, the more you stink!

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Xanax. Seriously!

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Depends on what it is that you are fearing or feeling nervous about! There are a number of ways to deal with it, but the best thing to do is to understand where your worries come from and know why you are feeling this way… then approach it head on – be honest and upfront with your fear.

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Read the book, “Feel The Fear and Do It Anyhow.”

I decided I would not let fear dictate how I led my life. I went to counseling and faced my demons and learned how to cope.

I used to carry Xanax in my pocket for emergencies, but I don’t have to anymore. I can function outside of my comfort zone when I need to.

It wasn’t an easy journey but I did it and I am so thankful.

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Sit still for a few minutes and become the “watcher” of fearful thoughts. Let them float by. Those thoughts aren’t you. Do you see?

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Repetition. Make the unknown, known.

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I’m with PandoraBoxx on that one. Just do it over and over and over again, like making speeches, or talking in public. Now THAT’S a scary one, but do it enough, and you’re none the worse for it.

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I think to myself, “I’ve been through worse and survived.”

If I’m REALLY nervous then I think of my worse experience and think, “Remember how you survived that? You did it. You’ve been toughened by that experience. Nobody else can say that. You’re a survivor. This is nothing; a piece of cake.”

I’m not sure what the context of your question is, but I’ve been performing on stage since I was 10 years old. Believe me, you never completely get rid of your nervousness. Which is a good thing: nervous energy is necessary for top performance.

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Everyone gets nervous, its just how you deal with it. I personally disregard it and keep going. Being nervous is just a side effect of not knowing how things will turn out and I won’t let something as simple as that keep me from getting by. It’s all in the mind really.

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I’ll try to focus on something else for a bit… and sometimes (preparing for shit-storm) will sneak a cigarette (not often)... the slow deep breaths calm me down… the nicotnie helps focus… when all else fails have a beer.

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Fear can be a difficult thing to overcome. Keep in mind that to some extent everyone has fear that will never go away. The next step is figuring out what is triggering your fear and nervousness. Once you discover what it is that is really making you nervous and fearful you can take steps to reduce your anxiety in these areas.

(If you would like to go into more detail on how to discover what it is that is triggering these emotions, I’d be happy to oblige.)

If you already know what it is that’s triggering these emotions, next I’d advise taking steps to reduce your anxiety.
As you can see from the previous comments some very common ways are smoking and drinking. However, these only reduce or numb your feelings; they won’t “overcome” them. Depending on what is triggering your fears and nerves, different methods may be used.

Here’s some ideas:
Thinking about it- you can’t help yourself if you don’t know what’s bothering you.
Talking with a friend- this can help you realize if you’re being irrational or your feelings are justified. Friends also have a unique understanding of who you are and can give you advice that “fits your personality”.
Develop a Back-up plan- once you know what’s triggering your emotions, make a coping plan to fall back on when you’re faced with the uncomfortable situation.
Practice- take your time facing your fear, but slowly! Never rush yourself. If you jump right in, chances are you’re not going to be prepared and you’ll find yourself back on square one.

Once again, keep in mind that a degree of fear will always exist in your life, but given practice and time you can greatly decrease the fear and nervousness you feel. Best of luck in the future! ^_^

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If I’m doing a speech or standing in front of a bunch of people I try to just put them out of focus. I will stare at a spot in the back of the room or to a friend.

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1) Repetition of the same situation.
2) Talking to someone you trust about your fear

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