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Do you get bored of your own designs?

Asked by mirza (5057points) December 30th, 2007

it seems that I always get bored of every single piece of web design I have ever done. I design something, think it looks amazing for two weeks and then end up feeling it looks like crap. To give you an example, I redesigned my blog about 5 times in the past two months (three of which were my own time-consuming designs). So i am wondering Am I the only person who feels this way or does this happen to anyone else ? Also is it weird to be obsessed with fonts ?

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Yes! Design is all about iteration—and there’s always another solution. This happens to all good designers. Also, it’s not weird to be obsessed with typefaces. In fact, it’s totally natural.

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I do the exact thing you just described. I’ve redesigned my personal website about 10 times since 2005. I’m also never content with the font I use, it’s terrible.
Exactly what you just mentioned.

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yea its totally normal. I have a friend who does web design. He will make something that looks amazing and then within no time will go on about how horrible it looks and redesign. Its just part of being a designer i guess. Never be satisfied and always look for a better more practical way of presenting your site.

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To begin even if you are not a designer to think that your work is perfect is a bit going overboard. I also as a designer get either bored or even bother by my designs, they are just not perfect. And about typefaces, I am also obsessed with them :P. They are excellent tools for information design, pretty common to me 8—) .

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I’ll have to pipe in about typefaces as well. First of all, I feel like I have too many – working and picking up fonts here and there at design jobs and getting Adobe Font Folio on my own. Words can’t describe the agonizing choices that I feel I have to make and I can literally spend hours scrolling and testing fonts before I settle on something. As for designing, I actually have some stuff that I feel is finished but a lot of it (although completed) feels as if it is still a work in progress. Reminds me of when I was still in high school and I painted some sort of insane alien which my best friend loved and then he was appalled at me when I painted over the whole darn thing and started anew. Okay, enough from me – happy New Year’s!

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I get bored sometimes as well, and I often find that a lot of my stuff starts to look the same. Sometimes it can be difficult to break that design barrier and do something totally fresh and new that you will really like.

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You guys sound like a big bunch of artists to me. Yay!

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i’m a composer, and i get the same problem. usually not with the music itself, but with the recordings. i can’t tell you the number of times i’ve thought to myself, “well, this is just about the longest two minute song ever…”

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i try to redesign my site at least once a year. usually I end up asking myself, “what was I thinking?”

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I also redesign my sites at least once or twice a year.

Cascading style sheets makes this VERY easy and relatively quick. By couching all your content in < div > tags, you can easily restyle your pages just by changing the images, background, colors, and layout.

An excellent website where you can see this demonstrated is at

You can even participate, if you are planning on discarding one or more designs but don’t mind someone else learning from your example.

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Yes, I get bored. That’s inevitable. What I don’t do is get trendy.

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I also really like it for two weeks and then get bored… However, I never get bored of layouts I like on other websites ;-)

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After I’m done I always think I could have done it better. Not just web but graphic design as well. But it’s really great to get those rare inspiring moments when you REALLY love what you’ve come up with. I think those compensate for the rest.

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I get bored of my design before I’m even finished it… which may be a bad sign. But I agree with some of the comments above, design really is about iteration and learning from your mistakes (and successes too). Doing the same design over and over again is an excellent way to flex your design and coding muscles and to advance yourself as a developer.

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definitely happen to me the same. anytime when i see some designs I did before ,I always feel fuck, but I dislike the redesign work and now i try to change to work on the web development,

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Clearly, you are not alone. A desire to design, sometimes when you have nothing to design at the moment, makes me want to redo my own designs. At some point I see someone else’s design, think there are some pretty cool elements there, and then want to integrate them or use them in some way in my own design.

It’s like an itch that I just can’t scratch.

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I am infamous for doing this. I think I’ve changed my tumblr theme at least ten times within the past six months… and that’s not counting the free themes I did on the side or the other stuff I was working on. There are all these ideas floating around in my head day in and day out and I have to put them somewhere, right?

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I’m quite happy about my current design, but I think (but don’t hope) my design will suck in about 6 months or so. (

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We all do that. I go through the same as AdrianScott mentions up there – get bored with my design before I’m even done. So I have a half-assed blog layout and a score of unfinished templates. I kind of miss the old days when I’d just whack something out with Photoshop and Imageready and every page would look different and take a while to load. Them were the days…

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This just means that you’re very creative. It’s been my experience that after I design a collection; I completely hate it a few weeks or even days later. Don’t sweat it. link

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Once I have completed a web design, I don’t care if I ever see it again, but I also feel that way about any studio art I do. When I’m finished, I’m finished.

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I redesign my sites on a monthly basis because I’m always getting sick of how they look, its definitely not good for the users who have to get used to a new look all the time!

After this week I’m going cold-turkey on re-designs…

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