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Should I get Call Of Duty 4 or Halo 3?

Asked by Nathanael (289points) December 30th, 2007

Call of Duty 4, or Halo 3. Both are amazing games, but which one would you choose?

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I’ve heard better things about Call Of Duty and that Halo is just more of the same.

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let me start by saying ive been a halo fan boy since november 15th 2001 and i love the series. That being said i think call of duty 4 is better. Its different from all the other call of duty games primarily because of the fact its in a different time but the game feels much more “next-gen” than halo does to me. Call of duty 4’s story really drew me in too, i dont want to spoil it for anyone but the story is put together really well and you can really get into it. Halo on the other hand just seemed like more of the same repeatative “ok run in this room shoot some convenaunt and move out” I liked both games very much, but i think call of duty 4 is a better game.

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COD4 for sure! The online play is amazing and they have really stepped up the single player campaign as well. MUCH better than Halo 3 any day of the week.

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COD 4 Hands down! An excellent storyline and superb game play and replay value.The weapons and various missions are so exciting, one of my favorite missions was when you are the gunner in a AC Gunship. An experience like no other, and you get the true feel for what it must be like in one of those planes. I only wish the game was a little longer, because when I won, I wanted to keep playing. That’s a sign of good game.


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That’s easy. Forgotten Hope 2! Oh, that wasn’t one of the options… weird.

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I would get Halo for the story, but Call of Duty for the multiplayer.

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I have Halo3 but haven’t cracked it open, and I still have not picked up COD4 which I will soon!

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Wait for vegas 2. The Tom Clancy games are miles ahead of all the others. Call of Duty is just about the same game play as Halo. They’re both fun. But, there’s no strategy or teamwork when playing online. It’s just chaos.

I’d rather play Ghost Recon or Rainbow 6. There’s more realism and the teamwork is essential. Plus, Vegas and GRAW offer better guns and you can hide and shoot around corners or over and around cover.

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Like Boydieshere said above, Halo 3 is the final chapter in a trilogy. Call of Duty 4 is a standalone tale. If you haven’t played the other two Halo games, start there.

For multi COD4 is a little more deep.

Both are highly enjoyable games, you can’t go wrong either way.

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Call of Duty hands down. I have experience playing both. Halo is good, but is to hyped-up. When you get down to it, there isn’t all that much to Halo. Call of Duty is 1080p HD too. Multiplayer on Call of Duty is mcuh better and features over 55 ranks. No question by Call of Duty.

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call of duty 4 is far superior on almost every level. dont listen to them about rainbow 6 vegas was pretty decent, but it doesnt compare to call of duty 4. the controls are much easier to adapt to, especially if you are into the multiplayer xbox live play.

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The variation in weapon combos in CoD4 means you won’t have the typical, formulaic approach to killing enemies you do in halo. That’s why halo gets boring in about an hour in my opinion (much less if you’re playing online with people you don’t know). Plus, you can find a perfect set of weapons for your style of fighting, and have multiple sets. The ranking system unlocks more weapons as you become better at the game, whereas in Halo the weapons are comparitively static.

For a better online combat experience, go with CoD4.

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i think you are a crazy dingo and need 2 get out of town

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better get far cry 2 next week

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greetings and bon venue. Halo 3. hands down. better multiplayer, interesting campaign, and you gotta admit, the final level appeals to road ragers, pyromaniacs, sci-fi nerds, lazer jockeys,and guys who like sergeant johnson yelling at the monitor.

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