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Does a black car really get hotter than a white car?

Asked by Marissa64 (19points) June 19th, 2009
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Welcome to the collective, Marissa64. You may find the Fluther Guidelines useful in posing good questions and in avoiding tyrantxseries-like sarcastic replies.

Meanwhile, don’t feel bad. Your question is very au courant. Have you seen the Obama administration’s new energy proposal regarding roofs?

@tyrantxseries That would make a great applet in which whatever the question is gets plugged in.

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@b Ahh, thank you, grasshopper. I am enlightened. I think I must have skipped that step and gone straight to googling my own stuff.

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this is a great app for these questions too

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Removed by me.

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The real question is if it’s 100 degrees outside. Who’s hotter a black guy or a white guy?

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Well, I would pick the Asian girl. So she is hotter to me.

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Good point, jp.

willbrawn from your other posts, I would not have suspected you were gay or swung both ways.

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@marina person not guy. And warm. Not attractive.

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Mythbusters proved that a black car gets hotter than a white car.

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Having owned both I can assure that the black car gets MUCH hotter. I had a white BMW 5 series and a black Jaguar at the same time. When parked outside in summer, you could not touch the interior of the Jag until the air had been running for a while. The BMW you could jump right in and drive. (They both had tan leather trim.)

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Yes, it does, for the simple reason that black absorbs the vast majority of visible light photons, while white reflects the vast majority. Each of these photons causes some heating in the metal, and since metal is a good thermal conductor this heat will transfer to the interior.

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@willbrawn – Actually, the real answer is whichever guy doesn’t have air conditioning will be hotter.

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in the sun, a black car will absorb more of the radiant energy and so will be hotter, even though it also radiates more energy—the thermodynamic equilibrium point on the (for this Q, aptly named) “black-body curve” will be higher.

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Simple physics as @FireMadeFlesh pointed out.

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