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Is cutting others down and insulting their intelligence good social networking?

Asked by walterallenhaxton (893points) June 20th, 2009


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I certainly wouldn’t think so.

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I would generally say not, but there is the “My enemies enemy is my friend” effect. Attacking a group’s common enemy can do wonders for ingratiating one’s self to that group.

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you mean like denying someone their academic title based on their political leaning?

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@walterallenhaxton Did this quip work for you?

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@ragingloli No I don’t. With social networking I do not even try to find out what is official about a person. I act toward their words and ideas. I only act negatively toward their negativity. If they deserve their titles they should have no problem demonstrating them in their ideas and I respect good ideas and the people who deliver them greatly.

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That’s intelligence.

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No, but it is fun when the shoe fits.

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@Harp It did. It was directed ant no one in particular. Just at the noise above it.

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Cutting someone down for their benefit would be admirable but it should be done with kindly intent. Insulting someone’s intelligence really just demeans the intelligence of the person doing the insulting. Either way, it would hardly be network strengthening.

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[mod says] This is an edited version of the original question.

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@augustlan I misspelled intelligence.

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No it is not. It is in fact bad social networking. Then again, it depends on what your intent is. For example, I don’t see my answers here as being a part of social networking, thus while it’s generally something I don’t do, the rare time when I do chop someone down to size, I feel it’s completely valid and justified, provided my cutting is done with knowledge and logic.

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